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Monday, 8 March 2021

CG vaccine appointments fill up quickly

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CG vaccine appointments fill up quickly
CG vaccine appointments fill up quickly

CG Public Health reports it received 145,000 phone calls last week for vaccine appointments.

The dea is it only took a few hours ?

"* ad once again vaccine appointments in cerro gordo county are filled up for this week.

Kimt news 3's nick kruszalnicki is here live to tell us how this week's sign?

"*ups went.


George and katie ?

"* c?

"*g pu health only took appointments over the phone this week and the phone lines were jammed with people who want to get the shot.

I checked in with c?

"*g public health director brian hanft earlier this afternoon.

He tells me they chose to do phone?

"*only sign?

"*ups this week, to give people who might not be tech savvy a better chance of getting an appointment.

The county had 800 doses available this week ?

"* 400 of those goig to educators and the rest for appointments.

Hanft tells me they may decide to bring back we could have put a few on our website, but those would have literally gone in and so we just opted to see how it would go this week.

It doesn't mean that next week we won't put some on our website and try to spread it around.

Hanft also tells me there is a big push right now to finish up vaccinations of teachers and child care workers over the next two weeks.

Live in mason thank you nick.


"*g public health is also reporting it received 145 thousand phone calls last week for vaccine appointments.

Hanft says many of those calls came from out of state, possibly from folks looking to make appointments for relatives.

One call came from as far away as the


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