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Sunday, 18 April 2021

01-08-2021 for bri

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01-08-2021 for bri
01-08-2021 for bri
01-08-21 for bri

Shouting and fighting the world in shock as our nation picks up the pieces following chaos at the capitol this week.

I'm kimt news three's george mallet... 48 hours after a deadly riot on capitol hill there are calls to remove president trump from office by impeachment or the 25th amendment.

Against that backdrop cbs news reports the president and vice president are barely speaking.

The new federal covid?

"* 19 relief is here.

I'm kimt news three's jessica bringe live with how the rochester area chamber of commerce is breaking down these funds.

A quiet weekend ahead, but changes are on the way next week... your stormteam 3 forecast is kimt news three first at 4 starts right now.

Good afternoon and thank you for joining us for kimt news 3 first at 4.

I'm katie lange political fallout over president trump's response to the deadly attack continues to escalate as president?

"* elect joe biden prepares to take office.

Congress could be moving ahead with an impeachment vote against president trump following wednesday's deadly assault on the united states capitol by some trump supporters.

As always, kimt news 3's george mallet has been monitoring developments on capitol hill and at the white house and joins me with more.

And katie, a capitol police officer who responded to wednesday's riot died last night from his injuries, bringing the death toll from the assault at the capitol to five.

President trump who is now condemning the violence?

"*- says he will not attend president?

"* elect joe biden's inauguration vice president mike pence arrived at the white house this afternoon as cbs news has learned he and the president are barely speaking to each other.

While democratic leaders have called on mr. pence to invoke the 25th amendment to remove the president from office... house democrats are also discussing impeachment.

(sot: rep.

James clyburn/(d?

"*sc) minority whip/credit: msnbc) "i think the american people have seen enough and they are ready for us to do the job of impeaching this man."

House democrats say they could vote as soon as next week... but there's limited time for a senate trial before the inauguration.

"i think it's a ridiculous discussion to have.

I've got enough decisions to make about things that can happen rather than to spend time on things that can not happen."

George standup: democratic leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer say president trump needs to be held accountable for the assault on capitol hill by rioters supporting him.

Speaker pelosi says she's speaking this afternoon to president?

"* elect joe biden about impeachment.

"we're going to do our job and congress can decide how to proceed with theirs."

President trump released a video last night condemning the violence more than 24 hours after the assault.

Still calling the election rigged ?

*- he says it's time for unity.

(sot: president trump) "a new administration will be inaugurated on january 20th.

My focus now turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly, and seamless transition of power."

(track 4) (gfx) president?

"* elect biden says e agrees with president trump's decision not to attend the inauguration.

Former presidents george w.

Bush, barack obama and bill clinton will all be in attendance.

Former president jimmy carter, now 96 years old has already sent his regrets to president elect joe biden.

This morning, the president sent his first tweet since wednesday.

Mr. trump did not address the death of the capitol police officer.

Instead he wrote that the 75 million great american patriots who voted for him will have a giant voice long into the future.

Iowa congresswoma n ashley hinson announces today that she would oppose any effort to impeach president trump in the final days of his presidency.

She says?

"* "if the house trie to impeach president trump over the next two weeks, i will oppose this effort.

We don't need any further division right now.

As president trump said last night, he is fully supporting the peaceful transition of power to president?

"* elect joe biden" to read her full statement?

"* ?

"*head on over the rochester area chamber of commerce is helping to break down the elements of the new federal covid?

"* 19 relief bill..

Kimt new three's jessica bringe sat in on the virtual seminar and joins us live from rochester with the latest.



"* there's a lot to unpak in the newest relief bill..

The latest paycheck protection program has several changes passed by congress that many business owners will likely want to know about.

There's a "second draw" p?


"*p opt small businesses who have exhausted their initial loan as well as changes that impact eligibility for initial loans and the loan forgiveness process.

Those changes were covered today during the chamber's path forward 2021 webinar series.

Now in order to qualify for a second p?

"*p*p draw..

The business must have used up the first loan..

Have 300 employees or less (which is down from 500 employees in the first and second round of p?


"*p) then you have to b able to meet the "necessity requirements."

It's the same thing in the certification that you had previously signed in your ppp application which is the uncertainty of current economic conditions makes necessary the loan request to support ongoing operations.

As i mentioned there's a lot to unpack ?

"* that's only the tip of the iceberg.

We do have a link to the u?

"*s chamber of commerce guide to small business covid?

"* 19 emergency loans linked to this story on kimt?


"* com.

Live in rochester?

"* jessica bringe thank you jessica.

Congress has also made changes to other programs ?

# including economic injury disaster loans..

The employee retention tax credit, and s?


"* a loan programs. millions of americans may have to wait a little longer to get their stimulus payments from the federal government ?


"* because of a distribution glitch.

Intuit turbotax says millions of payments were sent to the wrong accounts ?


"* some people may not have received their payments.

One banking industry source says roughly 13 million people may have been affected.

Those most likely to be impacted used refund anticipation loans or similar products.

In those cases, stimulus payments may have been directed to the temporary bank account set up by the online tax preparation firm they used when filing their 20?

"*19 tax return.

It might also have affected some people who changed banks recently and the i?


"*s do not yet have their new checking account on robbinsdale police say a man is dead after an officer shot him during an attempted traffic stop on friday near 38th and nobles avenue north.

According to police, the registered owner of the car had an active felony out for their arrest.

There was a short vehicle pursuit, which ended when officers blocked the car in.

A man then got out of the car with a knife.

Officers told the suspect multiple times to drop the knife, but he did not.

After police tried unsuccessfull y to use a taser, the suspect charged at officers.

An officer then shot the man, who died at the scene.

The minnesota bca has been put in charge of the stormteam 3 kimt stormteam 3 cheif meteorloigist aaron white joins us now.

Aaron what are you tracking for the weekend?

We'll keep the clouds in place through tonight and throughout much of the weekend.

Highs on saturday and sunday will be near average in the middle 20s.

Next week is trending warmer, with highs back in the 30s monday through thursday.

Our next chance of snow arrives by late next week, but no major storms are on the horizon tonight: cloudy lows: mid 10s wind: n 5?

"*10 mph saturday: mainly cloudy highs: low?

"* middle 20s wind: nw 0?*0 sunday: partly sunny highs: middle 20s president?

"* elect joe biden plans to release every available dose of the coronavirus vaccine when he takes office.

The plan could quickly ratchet up the availability of coronavirus vaccines by allowing more people access to a first dose.

But ?


"* it could also be a risky strategy ?


"* as both pfizer and moderna vaccines require two doses ?


"* administered at specific intervals ?


"* and vaccine manufacturing has not ramped up as rapidly as experts hoped.

The plan comes after a group of governors pressed the government to distribute "reserved doses" to states that need them.

The trump administration has insisted on holding back doses to ensure those who receive the first dose will have access to a can we tackle the new coronavirus strains with the vaccines we have now?

Coming up?


"* a new study revealin the pfizer vaccine will work against these strains./// i'm worried that this twindemic could still occur hospitals have been bracing for a possible "twindemic" this winter.

Find out if doctors are seeing many flu cases./// as one rochester hot spot closed its doors others are opening for developers downtown.

I'm kimt news three's anthony monzon and coming up at six we'll take a look at the future of this property legends is on right


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