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Salvation Army Kettle 12/17/20

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Salvation Army Kettle 12/17/20
Salvation Army Kettle 12/17/20
The Salvation Army's red kettle campaign is underway.

Salvation army's red kettle campaign is underway... with fewer kettles all because of covid- 19.

However, there are still ways to give and help.

Wcbi's allie martin has the story.

It's a familiar sound every christmas season.

Nats bell ringers for the salvation army's red kettle campaign.

"this is our number one fundraiser, this time of year."

Covid-19 is forcing the organization to have fewer kettles.

However, the charity is turning to technology and other methods to keep the donations coming in.

At each kettle location, a qr code allows people to donate electronically, using their smartphones.

People can also send a check to the tupelo salvation army's carnation street offices, or donors can contribute online.

All donations collected during the six week holiday period make a big difference through the year for thousands of people.

"what we raise during the holiday season goes to almost forty to fifty percent of our annual budget, which is why it's so important that it does well and works well.

Standup bridge the tupelo salvation army is about halfway to its goal of 400 thousand dollars for its year end fundraising push.

That money helps provide services throughout the year, a year that's seen an increase in demand for those services and an increase in expenses for providing those services.

"when we talk about sheltering , it's gotten more expensive because of the precautions we have to take and so that's why we really can't afford to come in below our goal."

The holiday fundraising period ends at the end of this year, but the kettle campaign wraps up christmas eve.

In tupelo, allie martin, wcbi news if you would like more information on how to donate... go to our website... wcbi dot com.


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