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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

11 p.m 4-29- 17

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11 p.m 4-29- 17
11 p.m 4-29- 17
laughing during e block

About something like this.

Yes, i loved a serial killer.

I mean, it sounds so awful but he was a big part of my adolescence and he was my friend.

>> did you find yourself mourning his passing or -- >> i found myself mourning the friend that i knew and i had a very hard time accepting what he had done.

>> have you spent any time wondering what he was about?

>> no.

I don't care.

I'll be honest, i'm going to cut you short on that one.

>> i don't care.

And put it this way, he's a footnote in history.

Just one more person with a gun.

So -- screw you.

You get nothing.

>> hall rubenstein would rather talk about his friend gianni, what he taught him about life.

>> if you're going to still be here, don't sit here with one foot in the back door waiting to stop.

No, no, you grab life as long as you get the chance and you grab it to yourself and you make the most out of it.

>>> that's all for this edition of "dateline."

We'll see you again next friday at 9:00, 8:00 central.

Of course, i'll see you each weeknight on "nbc nightly news."

I'm lester holt.

For all of us at nbc news, good night.

And the community work together to help a fellow brother in's keeping his eyes on the skies..

The latest on storms in the valley... next.

((jesse))cam has clouds in the area.

Temps in the 50s and 60s.

Satellite shows clouds and rain for us.esp radar has rain and storms in the area.

Forecast is very wet, full details in a few minutes <<anne moeller: chicago "with the support from both republicans and democrats in the house i think we're going to see the same support in the senate.">>((mike))it's the final countdown ..for illinois lawmakers.find out..

If the fate of several bills ..were met today..

Or if ..they will have to wait..

Until next year.

<<"everyday we wake up today is the day and god got this they believe it we believe it.>>((mechell))the families of two murdered indiana teen girls..

Look to the community to keep their young legacies alive.

((mike))local police officers ..and the community ..gather to help..

A fellow brother in uniform..

With a rare disease.

((mike))good evening and thank you for joining us.i'm mike tank.((mechell))and i'm mechell dixon.a busy week... for illinois lawmakers...has led up to this friday-- the final hour of decision.((mike)) today ..was the deadline ..for house bills to make it ..out of the chamber.otherwise ..they'll have to wait..

Until the fall.the house ..will not be in session..

Next week.but when they come back..

They'll be tackling ..a gun regulation bill.that bill ..would demand that gun dealers..

Be licensed by the state..

In addition to the federal government.another bill..

Pushed by the democrats..

Would force presidential candidates..

To submit..

5 years of tax returns ..before they appear on the ballot.

One g.o.p.

Lawmaker ..

Doesn't agree.


Bill mitchell (r) decatur "he was elected to be president people knew he didn't have his tax returns in my opinion we should be focusing on things that really matter.">>((mike))house members say..

They have a lot of work to do..

In a small amount of time.once they return... they only have..

3 weeks pass a budget.

((mike))prayer in schools..

And other religious activities ..will be okay in indiana schools.this after..

Governor holcomb..

Signed a new law.

Some students and teachers..

At sullivan high school ..say they support this advisor ..with the fellowship of christian athletes..

Wants to be able pray with students ..who seek her help.

This legislation..

Will allow her..

To do that.another student says..

She wants to be able to..

Express her religion ..without fear.the student says..

It's important..

That she doesn't ..lose that right.

<< elizabeth reel - sullivan high school senior: "you shouldn't live in fear to do that, you know.

You--just knowing that you have people to back you up on that.

You can go out, and tell people about the word of god, so that maybe you can try and just enlighten them, and just.

You know, you never know whose day you're going to improve by saying, 'hey, god loves you.'" >>((mike))in addition prayer in the classroom..

Students will also have another option.they will now..

Be able to take..

Religion classes..

As electives.

((mechell))opioid and drug abuse...continues to rise.

But... tomorrow...a local event the community... decrease the drug's called... "drug take back day."and it's tomorrow from 10 to the sullivan city park-- on south main street.anyone with un- used... and un-wanted prescription medications... can drop off those drugs at the park...and they'll be properly disposed of.this event is typically held..

Twice a year.but... at "milburn pharmacy" in sullivan... you can drop off your unwanted meds... year round.the pharmacy's owner's having an impact on the community.

<<ed walker: "people are becoming much more aware of it, to where you have a family member pass away and you have to discard it.

Or you go the doctor and they change your medicine or you don't take it all, there's just become an increase in awareness, to like every day people are bringing it in.">>((mechell))the nationwide goal...of "drug take back day" to prevent pills from being stolen--keep them out of landfills... and... prevent them from polluting... the water supply.

To find a "drop off" location... in your county... just go to our link... on "my wabash valley dot com."

((mechell))it has been nearly 3 months... since two teenage girls...were found murdered in delphi.while the search continues..

For the killer-- the families of... abby williams and libby german... continue waiting for closure.

((mike))for the first time ..since the investigation started..

The families spoke to the public.but this time..

They are asking ..for a different kind of help.they want..

Abby and libby's ..memories to shine nguyen ..has the story.<<(áávi nguyen reportingráá)the families of 13-year-old abby williams and 14-year-old libby german sat together in front of the media for the very first time.

Sot anna williams 13:45 i've been grateful for the companionship of mike and becky and our love for both of the girls because it could have been easy just to keep that to ourselves.

1358the murders of abby and libby remain unsolved more than two months later.

Investigators released this picture of the suspect and audio clip... both taken from libby's phone.anna williams says she's not giving up hope.

Sot0905 today's the day everyday everyday we wake up today is the day and god got this they believe it we believe it 0915the two families forever bonded by a tragedy that has captured the attention of many people across the country.

Sot13:58 we definitely grieve together and share happy moments together and that's how we're going to be we're a family now like it or not we're a family now yes we are 1408but grieving together also means finding the strength to heal together.they want to build a softball field and park and incorporate elements of art and music to honor the girls.

Sot0717 it's all together they were all of those things together that made those girls son very special to us.

0725 both families hope a summer fundraiser will help them reach their goal.

Sot0830 you can't bring those girls back but we can sure make sure they're going to be remembered and we're working very hard to make sure that we give back to the community and those girls are going to be remembered when we're long gone 0841>> ((mike))that was vi nguyen reporting.the fundrasier is called..

The "abby and libby field of dreams memorial show."

It will take place in july.

((mechell))the public came together..

Tonight... to help a local police officer... in need.mike mcguire is a terre haute police officer... who's battling a rare form of cancer.

So tonight... his friends organized... a huge auction... and meal... at the "v-f-w"---at 12th and mulberry.

And... proceeds... will help the mcguire family... cover mounting medical expenses.

Coordinators say... a preliminary count...of tonight's fundraiser... shows...generated about 10-thousand dollars.mcguire was there..

And says...the outpouring of support-- is touching.

<<mike mcguire / battling cancer: "it's humbling.

It's a blessing and it's amazing how this community is helping us find answers.

It just means everything to my wife and i.">> ((mechell))tonight's fundraiser is just one way... the community is helping mcguire.there's also a "go fund me" page-- in his name.

((mike))some great news ..for indiana state university..

As a chicago couple..

Makes a record donation.todd osburn..

And his wife caroline howe..

Both made donations to the school.the money ..will help middle and lower income students..

Afford to go to school..

And graduate.the couple gave ..five million dollars..

To the scott college of businessin addition..

2- point-5 million dollars..

Will help create..

The "career professional readiness fund."

Officials say ..this is the largest donation ..the school has ever recieved.

((mike)) it's always nice..

When young students can be inspired..

To further their education.coming up..

Some middle school kids..

Get a chance experience..

A little college education.

((mechell))and later in sports, the sycamores go yard multiple times as they try to snap a losing streak.

We'll head to bob warn for the highlights.

((mechell))they've hit the books... and made the grades.

So now... those students... are gearing up... to graduate.

At vincennes university...the podium is set--and hundreds of chairs are ready..for graduates to take their seat--- during saturday's spring commencement.since crews spent the day finishing... last minute touches--organizers say... all is ready for the big day.

<<cindy beaman, director of university events and special projects at vincennes university: "the atmosphere for our kids is so unique.

It's such a regal experience.

Uh, it's an honor to be able to put this on for our students because they have worked so hard throughout their time at vincennes university and this is just the capstone.">> ((mechell)) 530 "v-u" students are expected to get their diplomas tomorrow.


From several middle schools ..explored..

Stem career fields today... at ivy tech.

This event..

Called "shaping minds"..

Gave students..

The chance to see the different programs..

Ivy tech offers..

In science, technology, engineering and math.the students..

Got to participate..

In interactive stations.they also got to ask ..current ivy tech students..

Questions about the programs. the goal of the event..

Was to..

"shape the minds" ..of these students.

<<nina storey: "we hope that students will enjoy the hands on activities and really begin to think about what their future careers might look like and how that pathway is to getting there.">>((mike))60 students from honey creek... sarah scott... and north vermillion middle schools..

Attended today's event.

((jesse))rain and lots of it on the way, details after the break ((jesse))flash flood watch for much of the area for the whole weekend.

Esp radar shows storms now in the area.

High of 61 and low of 46 today.

Just a little rain so far today.

Terre haute right now in the 50s and an east wind.

Temps warmer to the south today.

Much warmer south of there and much colder to the nw.

Water vapor satellite has the storm now moving our way.

Satellite has plenty of clouds and rain headed our way.

Closer look has rain now in the area.

Esp radar has lots of rain and storms in the area.

Next 48 hours we see the storm move in with rain and heavy rain with storms. forecast - tonight - showers / storms 60.

Tomorrow - rain / storms 75.

Tomorrow night - rain / storms 65.

Extended rain ends by monday and then cooler for all of next week.

(())let's play two for isu and softball...before mother nature moved in.

And the latest on larry bird and the pacers.

Sports is up after the break.

((dana))hi i'm dana's the go topless poker run..

Our guest will explain.

Find out how to take part..

On the next w-t-w-o news today.

((grant))good evening folks and welcome back.

There is a shake-up in the front office of the indiana pacers after a disappointing season.

Larry bird is stepping down as team president, after spending the last two decades with the blue and gold.

Bird may stay with the team as a consultant, but other reports have surfaced saying orlando and maybe other teams are interested in the sycamore great.

Kevin pritchard, the current pacers general manager, will replace larry as president.

The move comes just weeks after larry brought back fan favorite lance stephenson before the end of the season however the pacers were just swept by the cleveland cavs in the first round of the playoffs.

The future of all-star paul george is also uncertain.

The pacers have scheduled a news conference for monday.

((grant))sycamore baseball and softball moving up their weekend schedule to try and avoid the incoming rain.

Let's play two for both squads on this friday.

We start with baseball, trying to snap a four-game losing streak.

To bob warn field we go.

A muggy day at the ball park..tyler ward getting the start for the trees in the powder blues.

Second inning..

It's a scoreless affair unitl this leadoff double down the left field line for bradley..

So the braves threatening.but ward would escape as he gets the next three outs to end the inning... cody gardner charging this one to make the final out of the second frame.

Fourth inning would be an exciting one for the sycamores..

I-s-u held without a base runner until this blast by dane tofteland over the left field wall for the solo home batter..

Another dane..

Dane giesler going opposite field for his 11th home run of the season for back to back..tony rosselli says let's add another..

He drills this one over the fence as the trees go back to back to back to back to take a three run lead.trees take the first game of the twinbill..

5 to 4.

Senior day for indiana state softball as they play two against southern illinois.

Top of the 5th, 3 to 1 salukis, merri anne patterson lays the bunt down with runners on, the throw to first bounces away, another run comes for southern the lead grows to 4 to 1.

Della gher tries to stop the bleeding with a strikeout, sycamores still in the game only down two runs.

Later in the inning, katelynn massa comes up swinging, and she singles to right, that scores two more salukis, making it 6 to 1 southern illinois.

To the 6th inning, the salukis get another insurance run thanks to nicole doyle's sacrifice.

Southern leading this one, 9 to 1 with one out in the bottom of the 6th.

They will pick this one back up tomorrow morning at 11am, weather permitting.

Sycamores won the first game so trying to get the split.

((grant))signing day out in brazil.

As a northview knights is taking her volleyball talents to the next level.

Let's head there.

Kerstie shaw taking her talents to bowling green state university...about 4 and a half hours from home.

Shaw was a captian for the knights.... where she recording 636 assists.... 92 aces.... 212 digs... and 178 kills in her high school and the knights made it to semi state the last two season.the future falcon ready for the next step living out a dream come true.

<<kerstie shaw, senior: it's really exciting.

It's kind of a dream come true.

Ever since i started playing volleyball i knew i wanted to take it to the next level.

So, i've worked really hard and i've had some amazing coaches and my parents have always supported me and encouraged me and it's just awesome that it's finally, you know, real.>> ((mike))thanks grant.((mike)) ((mike))thanks grant.well ..

The weekend is here..

And you're probably looking for some ideas..

On how to spend it.((mechell))why not catch a movie... or two?coming up..

We'll give you a preview...of what's lighting up... the silver screen this weekend.

Stay with us.

((mechell))as the saying goes-- it's the weekend-- baby!.but don't let the...dreary weather get you can perk up... with some newly released movies.((mike))especially..

If you're a fan of thrillers..

And suspense films.a lot of movies ..are hitting theaters ..this weekend.raphael seth..

Takes a look our box office preview.<<raphael seth reporting.natbrie larson has an itchy trigger finger in "free fire."

This stylized gunplay introduces cillian murphy's irish republican army thugs to a shifty south african gun runner.

Larson and armie hammer are the brokers, but when the deal goes wrong there's nothing they can do but grab a gun and hope to be the last ones standing.

"free fire" is rated r.natkatherine heigl has a fatal attraction in "unforgettable."

She's a jealous ex-wife replaced by new girl rosario dawson.

But when heigl's actions move beyond mere threats, dawson draws on her own troubled past to put a stop to the crazy ex.

"unforgettable" is rated r.nat love is a battlefield in "the promise."

Oscar isaac is one point of a love triangle, studying to become a doctor.

He's got a crush on christian bale's girlfriend, fellow armenian charlotte le bon.

But when the ottoman empire begins to crumble, the three join forces to escape the war.

"the promise" is rated pg-13.nat it's absolute panda-monium in "born in china."

This disney nature film ventures into the wilds of china.

John krasinski narrates the hidden hijinks of three animal families...trying to survive some of the harshest terrain on earth.

"born in china" is rated g.

That's the box office preview, raphael seth, nbc news.

>> ((mike)) if you aren't interested..

In going to the theater see a movie.


You're interested going to the theater..

To see a play.((mechell))an adaptation of julius caesar..

Continued tonight... at the "indiana state university theater."but only a few more showings..

Will take place this weekend.the i-s-u student play---"j.

Casear" is wraping up... theater department's spring production's a different twist... on william shakespeare's "julius casear."but... it's set in rome... in the year 24-16--in a post--apocalytic world of all women.((mike))the play ..will be at..

I-s-u's new theater.saturday's performance will be at 7-30 p-m..

And sunday's will be at 4 p-m.

Tickets are ten dollars... i-s-u students are free if they bring their student i-d's.

((mike))and at rose hulman... there is one more performance of..

"anything goes."it will be at hatfield time is at 7:30 pm..

Tickets are 15 for youth..

And 20 for adults.

The play features ..the music of cole porter.

Very wet weekend ahead ((mike))thanks for joining us on wtwo news at 11...the tonight show is next.

((mechell))and for the latest local news, weather, and sports...follow us on facebook..


Visit our website... mywabash valley dot com.thanks for watching.good night.

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