Delivery Drones to Go Mainstream in 2024
Delivery Drones to Go Mainstream in 2024

Delivery Drones , to Go Mainstream in 2024.

Axios reports that since many regulatory hurdles have been cleared, drone deliveries will be implemented in more suburban neighborhoods this year.

Retailers, logistics companies and medical centers will be able to ship meals, goods, prescriptions and more in under 30 minutes.

Amazon, for instance, has a goal of fulfilling 500 million drone deliveries each year by 2030.

The company will open a third U.S. drone fulfillment hub this year, in addition to two more in Europe.

Zipline, which is expanding U.S. operations, is deploying a new type of drone equipped with a droid that can complete more precise deliveries.

Its customers include Sweetgreen, GNC, Cleveland Clinic and more.

Alphabet subsidiary Wing currently delivers for a limited number of Walmart superstores and other retailers.

The company plans to implement its new delivery network and make use of AI to ensure efficient operations.


DroneUp and Flytrex also both have plans to expand in 2024.

Axios predicts that "your grandchildren will wonder why anyone used a multi-ton vehicle to deliver a 5-pound package.".

While the expansion of drone delivery services may excite some, Zipline CEO Keller Rinaudo Cliffton thinks the feeling will wear off quickly.

If our experience in Salt Lake City and Bentonville tells us anything, it's that people go from science fiction to entitlement in seven days, Zipline CEO Keller Rinaudo Cliffton, via statement.

For seven days, it's pure magic.

Then on day eight, they're looking at their watch and saying, 'You're 30 seconds late.', Zipline CEO Keller Rinaudo Cliffton, via statement