Inhumane IDF Barbarians Are Pure Evil Incarnate
Inhumane IDF Barbarians Are Pure Evil Incarnate

Not Even Joking One Bit.

I Am Not Anti-Semite, Because Semite Include Specifically Arabs or Any Peoples Speaking The Aramaic or Arabic Language's.

No Let Us Be Very Clear.

I Am Anti JEW.

Anti ZIONIST, There Is A Reason They Have Been Rounded Up, Controlled, Enslaved, Expelled or Exterminated By Every Nation Throughout Documented History.

They Are Evil.

They Are The Synagogue Of Satan Who Beguiled & Fooled All Nations & Peoples.

The Father Has Revealed Them Now For The World To See In This Time Of Revelations.

All Is Being Revealed Everywhere.

All Will Know The Truth.

In The End They Will Bow At His Feet & Mine,... And Maybe Yours Too... Before They Burn In The Lake That Destroys Souls.

And Yes, Regardless Your Religion, That Part Is True.

Those Who Fail The Earth Forge, Get Scrapped.

Thrown Back In The Molten Mix.