Los Zuluagas Documentary Movie
Los Zuluagas Documentary Movie

Los Zuluagas Movie Trailer HD - Plot synopsis: Camilo (37), has been exiled from Colombia since he was 10.

Son of two late guerrilla fighters, his father was a leader of the rebellion and his mother was ‘desaparecida’ since he was just 5 years old.

For the first time, he travels back to Colombia with his own son.

The family welcomes them and opens up with their own memories.

Together with the intimate videotapes and writings of his father, a story starts picturing the why of the impossible dialogue between his growing up self and a charismatic father married to the revolution.

A revolution that he’d put over his personal feelings and above the life of his wife and family.

With the hovering ghost of a wiped out woman: Camilo’s mother.

Documentary | 80’ | 2021 | Italy | Italian, Spanish a film by Flavia Montini - Trailer with English subtitles