The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Digital Light
The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Digital Light

The C-Class has LED High Performance headlamps as standard.

The DIGITAL LIGHT system familiar from the new S-Class can be chosen as an optional extra.

For the All-Terrain it includes a special off-road light.

When driving on light terrain, wide illumination ensures that the driver can see obstacles sooner, even when cornering.

As soon as the off-road driving mode is activated, the off-road light switches on.

The function is active up to 50 km/h, and switches off automatically above this threshold.

DIGITAL LIGHT has a light module with three extremely powerful LEDs in each headlamp, whose light is refracted and directed by 1.3 million micro-mirrors.

The resolution is therefore more than 2.6 million pixels per vehicle.

With this dynamic capability and precision, this system creates almost unlimited possibilities for a high-resolution light distribution that adapts outstandingly to the local conditions.

However, the deciding factor is not only the technology in the headlamp, but rather the digital intelligence behind it.

An on-board camera and sensor systems detect other road users.

Powerful computers evaluate the data as well as digital maps in milliseconds, and give the headlamps their instructions to adjust the light distribution in all situations.