I Crashed My Dad's $3.5M Supercar | BLING LIFE
I Crashed My Dad's $3.5M Supercar | BLING LIFE

GAGE GILLEAN, 18, is living a lifestyle that most teenagers can only dream of.

A YouTuber and son of a wealthy entrepreneur and businessman, Gage likes to spend his free time cruising around in hyper cars, worth over $4,000,000, and vacationing on $20,000,000 mega yachts.

But Gage is far from deluded about where the money comes from.

He openly admits that the money is his father's and he’s aware that his father spoils him.

However, despite Gage’s honesty, he still receives a lot of judgement online.

The jealousy and judgement turned to hatred recently when Gage crashed his dad’s one-of-a-kind Pagani hypercar.

Gage says the relentlessness of the comments and abuse, on top of the crash, caused him to have the worst month of his life.

Thankfully, Gage is now doing better than ever and has “learned to brush off judgement and just keep moving forward”.

A self confessed jokester and someone who loves to have fun, Gage loves to pull pranks on people.

Today, Truly catches up with Gage as he pulls the ultimate prank on his dad.

Following that, Gage shows his sentimental side, by surprising his mum with the gift of her dreams... Something tells us his parents' reactions might be quite different.

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