Patient cow nurses calf in beautifully sunny meadow
Patient cow nurses calf in beautifully sunny meadow

Fiona is an exceptionally dedicated and patient mother.

She lives on a beautiful farm in Millbrook, Ontario where the cows have acres of meadow to wander.

They spend their days grazing freely on lush, green pasture, or exploring the edge of the woods when they want shade.

They have ponds full of fresh water to drink or to cool off in.

It's life as close as possible to what nature intended for these beautiful creatures.

Fiona is a very friendly and affectionate cow.

She has responded well to the kindness shown by the farmers and she often seeks out a head scratch or pat on the nose.

Her calf, Hope has learned from her and she often seeks affection too.

Here, we see Hope nursing and filling up on milk on a warm, spring day.

The cows are very content here and Fiona is even more relaxed than most.

She stands very still to allow Hope access to her udder.

Hope drinks thirstily every few hours and Fiona takes a break from grazing to allow this.

Hope is Fiona's first calf and she seems proud to be a mother.

She keeps a watchful eye on her baby at all times and calls her gently if Hope wanders too far away.

A trusting mother, Fiona watches calmly when Hope plays with farm visitors or approaches the humans in the meadow.

Not all mother cows would allow anyone near their newborns.

Fiona is part of a large herd that wander this farm.

The cows take turns watching the others' babies and the calves will often gather together as if they are in a nursery.

There is even a bull here, a massive fellow named Gus, who watches over the herd protectively.

This type of farming is known as "ethical farming".

Herd health and happiness are a higher priority than profit and the cows live a much better life.

Those who choose to eat meat can support farms like this and the farmers who do things right.