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Saturday, 8 May 2021

Tips for Resting

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Tips for Resting
Tips for Resting

According to the American Psychological Association, nearly eight in ten adults say that the pandemic is a significant source of stress in their lives.

We all experience stress bcan lead to burnout and desay, okay, I'm striped, I'You got to figure out howRight?

And dr shovel to smlike to have a lot of streAnd the covid 19 front linmom and the wife of almostalso a motivational speakeof the new book Let's Rest19 front liners and medicaa tool for them to help cothis is a resource for evebecause no matter what youwe all can use a little rerest.

The acronym stands fand stress together.

So fithink releases in the sensknow, we tell people all tneed to let that go.

But tway to be able to releaseto says, we're so used tobottled up and slowly it tif I want to get over somesay I'm going to release tthis go.

She says, using aallows your mind to take wcreate new neural pathwaysIt re wires and it reprogrthat we can think differencan be different, our behaand ultimately our resultsNext.

It's all about emotilike this moment?

And thenand say, how am I feelingBecause like our car's gasconstantly check it, you mAnd it's the same thing wiin daily allows you to knoare getting depleted and yless instead of more, you'of gas or fuel whatever yoyourself, renew yourself astress.

How are you reducidr Chevelle to has some pahelp you figure that out.remember when toilet paperhot commodity and the jourit's unavailable and findican help you figure out whFinally we've got to comeyou talking to?

Are you cofeelings because a feelingimportant, even if you'rethat's a co worker, a friespecialist, she says it'sdo this alone.

That's a pa


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