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Friday, 23 July 2021

Pharmacy now only giving the Moderna vaccine

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Pharmacy now only giving the Moderna vaccine
Pharmacy now only giving the Moderna vaccine

Amory Discount Pharmacy received both Moderna and Johnson&Johnson vaccines last week.

Now they can only give out the Moderna shots since the CDC has placed a pause on J&J.

Put a pause on giving out the johnson and johnson vaccines.

Luckily for one amory pharmacy, they offered more than the johnson and johnson vaccine.

Wtva's chelsea brown continues our coverage from monroe county where she spoke with workers about how the sudden news affected the number of vaccines they give ... here at amory discount pharmacy, you can see the sign on the door stating they give out the vaccines.

Well, i spoke with the pharmacist who told me they held a clinic yesterday and gave out about 30 vaccines.

Its about six months."

"majority of the people we saw yesterday were people that were just now eligible" tanya person is a pharmacist at amory discount pharmacy.

She said most people getting thier shot yesterday were between 18 and 50 years old.

She said some today have fever or sore arms. "which all of those are common reactions so nothing out of the ordinary" the pharmacy recieved thier vaccines last week and sent out an automated phone call to tell their customers.

"people that called inquiring about it were very interested and very happy about it" pearson says they got the johnson and johnson and moderna vaccines.

"i'm excited that we finally got it, we had to register with the state it was a very long process but i am excited we are able to vaccinate more people" she is thankful for the choice they had so they could still give out vaccines.

The pharmacy still has 200 doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine for if and when the cdc gives the okay to give out the johnson and johnson shot.

"there is no expiration date on the box, but from what the cdc is saying i think its about six months."

Pearson said a couple from alabama even came and got thier vaccine yesterday.

Patients do not pay for getting the vaccine.

Live in amory, chelsea brown, wtva 9 news


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