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Wednesday, 23 June 2021


Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Lightning strikes last night sparked multiple fires in one neighborhood, including a gas line.

And georgia voters decide whether to add an education special local option sales tax today.

Those stories straight ahead on news 12 now at 6.

"news 12 at 6.

Your news starts now."

Good evening.

I'm andrew harrison.

Emily cassulo has the night off.

Thanks for joining us for news 12 now at 6.

An early morning lightning strike caught two homes and more on fire in hixson .

News 12's winston reed gives us a daylight look at the damage.

That's our top local story.

Around 6 tuesday morning neighbors in hampton woods called 9-1-1 to report that lightning struck a gas line, a tree, and a home.

Severe storms rattled through hixson throughout the night.

"i was asleep and all of a sudden i hear a loud explosion."

Neighbors in the hampton woods subdivision share their experience first hand.

"i go look out my window.

I see all orange through here.

So i go look outside and i see a giant column of fire right here and i'm like 'what on earth happened?'" what happened was a lightning strike.

It exposed a gas line that lead to a tree and two homes catching fire, according to hamilton county emergency management services.

Dallas bay fire crew sent these photos from when the scene.

They got the blaze under control, but two houses each sustained 20 thousand dollars in damage.

After letting the gas line burn to avoid an explosion, crews repaired the wiring both over and underground.

Crews explain that once the lightning hit the tree, it followed under the conductor line and led to the amplifier box on boy scout road.

Eventually diffusing itself.

The home immediately next to the fire was said to be vacant.

No injuries have been report at this time.

Reporting in hixson winston reed news 12 now.

The chattanooga fire department was called to 39-30 bowman lane this morning.

When crews arrived they found a camper on fire.

Firefighters worked for some time to get the fire under control.

One woman suffered minor burns trying to get her dogs out of the burning camper.

2 dogs died in the fire.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Another fire broke out on highland avenue this morning.

The fire was found in the back of the house..which was being remodeled.

Those living in the building got out safely.

Including the pets, which you can see the firefighters comforting on the scene.

There is no word yet what caused the fire.

The hamilton county schools are receiving over 40 and a half million dollars from the latest covid relief.

News 12 brian armstrong joins us live with the latest.

In the first wave of covid relief hamilton county schools received nearly 11 million dollars in the latest wave, the school system will receive near 4 times that.

Pkg the biggest thing we can do for these kids they never shut the schools down again.

That 40 and a half million is a one- time payment through the covid relief bill to help schools through elementary and secondary school emergency relief also called esser.

School board member ronda thurman says this money needs to go to the kids' education.

Sooner treatment that's what i plan on putting my emphasis on.

Of the 40 million, nearly two million will be going to the county's charter schools and an additional two million will go to indirect costs.

Of the remaining 36 million dollars, about 70 percent is being divided between learning loss, education technology, and learning acceleration.

We put a lot of dollars into making sure that we have the technology support we need for kids.

As well as trying to mitigate those lost learning opportunities and more importantly for all kids to accelerate learning as we've had these disruptions the past year due to covid-19.

Thurman says even though it will help it's not enough.

No amount of money that we get will ever be able to make up for the lost education of the students.

We just can't do it.

They lost a year.

There's really not anything we're gonna be able to do about it we're going to just have to do the best that we can.

This is hurt the at-risk students more than anyone it's just a tragedy to the students.

She adds she doesn't want this money to simply turn into more jobs.

We don't make any new positions that we're not gonna be able to fund once the money is gone.

In government positions never go away you just keep funding them and i hope we don't do that.

The proposal has been submitted to the state for approval.

If the proposal is approved by the state it will then need to be approved by the school board.

Reporting live brian armstrong news 12 now the hamilton county covid-19 joint task force met virtually today for their weekly update.

The task force is excited about the roll out of the johnson & johnson vaccine as the number of hamilton county residents receiving the vaccine continues to steadily increase.

As of yesterday, more than 130- thousand vaccines had been given in hamilton county.

"we're very excited about the increase cadence in vaccination in our community with the new johnson & johnson vaccine coming online in to our community we expect more availability overall in the days ahead."

Bond says that healthcare workers who want to volunteer to help administer vaccinations can call the health department to sign up.

It's election day in north georgia.

News 12's dorothy sherman explains what folks in multiple counties will be voting on.

The freedom center in ringgold is just one of the 11 polling locations open today.

On the ballot in catoosa county, like some others, is the esplost.

The education special purpose local option sales tax is a one cent sales tax that goes to county schools.

This is not a vote on a tax increase, but a vote to continue what's been in place since 1997.

Around 1200 people voted early.

That's more than 2011 when voters voted for the esplost in a march election.

"well you're right the population has certainly grown in catoosa county.

So we have more people here, but also i think there is more interest in this last years, general election, runoffs, there was a lot of interest statewide and voting and some of that has probably carried over into this splost year."

Polls close here at 7.

Live in catoosa county, dorothy sherman, news 12 now.

With the closing of a wal-mart neighborhood market in brainerd, people in community fear it has become a food desert.

Now, a nonprofit grocery store by the chattanooga sustainable food center is stepping up to address food insecurity.

With the launch of gaining ground groceries in 2019, executive director holly martin now partners with more than 20 local producers to provide nutritious food for those in need.

And while she says her project alone won't solve food insecurity, she hopes it'll be a start and that soon, it could even be replicated.

"our five hundred square foot grocery store won't solve food insecurity in chattanooga, but i think it's definitely a start and we're doing a lot of analytics on how our operations work and if it's something that can be replicated i think it could start to chip away at some of those issues and we're just trying to talk to a lot of people and make good partnerships and be good listeners."

Gaining grounds is hoping to extend it's store hours and expand it's food inventory each week.

Now, from the epb fiberoptics weather center, your storm team 12, 24 hour forecast.

Our 24 hour forecast shows sometimes it takes an extra bekah bidsall 3 inches locally and alive i ran out to a thick layer of loud lots of fog in his partially the mountainto areas that the five right now so getting my breeze from the sout about 15 miles an hour but just you light showers mainly dry that was actually for tennis the counties really not much of a wind out there again only aroun 11 right now were in dunlap at 55 right now it's even 54 and only 53 over in somerville as we get into the rest of your evening temperatures will only likely drop into the mix if these as we had and she will overnight the morning lows of people are expected in chattanooga future analogy in 5 weeks can overindulge again wednesday is looking very nice for potential beer whether were to be watching and tracking thi in the next upcoming forecastle of all that more ... for the growth that you so much but also thought to take some extra effort on the part of the teacher the particular lovely student on a specialty through does exactly that but go to the rainfall today collected at the chattanooga airport of initially just over 2 inches of rain fall so grounds are very wide so as we do with them thursday there is going to be the potential fo flash what analyses are time- lapse of the day overly point are uncertain actually over our new source duty is looking out over lookout mountain there was a thick layer of fog actually on the very top of the mountain and that is genuinely just day as we have not thick layer of loud that will be continuing into th next two days but already her next weather makeover in the southwest will be making its wa over here by wednesday afternoo to occur and look on the servic analysis will be watching for tomorrow the warm front to push through the tennessee valley an then not low-pressure system alongside that conference fast approaching particular this future cast heading into wednesday morning will be cloud and foggy by mainly dryad michael brent comes through right around noon time without her to left a few showers and maybe a few rumbles of honor but don't really anticipate any things severe without will have another round that will be coming from the southwest later wednesday night on this is where we'll be watching for the possibility of strong to severe storms this will be continuing into a late wednesday night so this is the radar just after midnight to be very mad he and continue wanting to early thursday morning thursday late morning early afternoon this will start to pushoff and will be looking into dryer days afte the top of this is the beer weather outlook for wednesday notice are southwest counties are under.more enhanced and mor moderate risk don't get too fixated on these colors because the entire tennessee valley does have a chance to see some sever weather and only takes one stor but right now the biggest threat is probably towards ourselves west county are severe weather threat going into wednesday night is going to be highest actually with that chance for strong to damaging winds as was the past believe large hail last flooding again the ground is really wide runoffs as was the possibility of napping and falling trees is going to be a pot belly to be looking for a moderate risk for not only an isolated tornado but multiple tornadoes again especially for us southwest counties that coul even see some something come through with ashley towards hamilton county and eastward to what you should do now is prepare find a safe place in your home extra to share about playing with family members household members, kids ready turn weather out notifications on and make sure have fresh batteries in the weather radio because you're gonna want to hear something and that will wake you up partially if something happens in the middle of the night the weather headline strongest of yourself storms possible wednesday into thursday nothing is off the table that includes high wind hail tornado as well as a pot only of last flooding ray weise argument would be looking at possibly to two over 2 1/2 inches of rain again we already had over 2 inches of rain in some parts the tennessee valley's to be watching for the potential of flash flooding say what does all of your seven day forecast here in just 10 second from the epb fiberoptics weathe center here is your 70 work as a wednesday is the name patrick stay so please celebrate safely in may when it will liberate our home you can get to go through to go drink that would be the best thing because were watchin for storms late wednesday night into thursday will have a lot of leftover moisture for friday bu that will clear out quickly in this first weekend of braying not only looks cooler a lot funnier and drier andrew are so much but will come up on fraud is really what do you like to know access use the judge and the children to be eligible to go about the vaccine makers of the madonna daughter on the books for invites healthwatch health watch.

Join us for prime news at seven.

"you're watching news 12 at 6.

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When teachers truly connect with their students, they can spend less time on discipline and more time on learning.

Kathy gordon makes it a priority to find each child's learning style.

The barger academy of fine arts teacher is great at coming up with lesson plans that leave no child behind.

Ms. gordon's boundless creativity earned her tonight's.

Golden apple award.

Natural sound: miss gordon, on behalf of food city and news channel 12 i would like to present you with this weeks golden apple teacher award.

Oh wow!

Thank you!

It's nice that people noticed that i do care about the kids.

Roxanne: miss gordon oh my goodness miss gordon is so many things; so many words i could use to describe miss gordon.

First of all every time you see her she is smiling.

You can count on her to always have a smile on her face.

And she is definitely a jack of all trades.

Natural sound: so boss and girls we have been talking a lot about hundreds, tens... kathy: i knew from a very young age that that is probably what i wanted to do.

So, i had some really great teachers at normal park elementary, mini mini years ago.

And then some at rivermont elementary.

And i then had some not so good teachers and they probably taught me just about as much as the good ones.

Dm: why do you teach?

Kathy: because i love to see children learn.

There is just something about when they catch on to something that... it's just fun.

Natural sound: let's see what book do we want to read today.

Kathy: i enjoy helping other teachers.

I started off not knowing anything about computers but it was just kind of thrust upon me so i learned on the job.

And found out that i really love teaching with technology.

Natural sound: look at that first word again kathy: i want them to remember that they are loved.

And that they have a special job to do that is important in life.

To be able to see them to contribute back to their community.

Back to their society.

Just be great, great people.

As well as lifelong learners; people who want to learn and are curious.

If you'd like to nominate a special teacher for the golden apple award, go to our web site, wdef dot com, look for the golden apple section, and fill out the form.

Will chattanooag land the tennessee high school football state championship games?

Here's rick nyman from the gatorade sports desk.

Plus, the chattanooga red wolves announce the date of their home opener.

And the mocs feature one of the nation's sack leaders.

"now from the news 12 sports desk."

Tennessee high school football teams will now play for their state titles in chattanooga at finley stadium.

The scenic city beat out cookeville today for the right to host the t-double-s, double-a championship games for the next two years.

Cookeville had been the host site for the last 12 years.

Chattanooga sports and events committee president tim morgan says chatt town is becoming title town for the t-double-s, double-a.

Morgan:"we just recently hosted the tssaa wrestling championships at or with our partner at the convention center.

The convention center is going to be apart of this football championships too.

In october, we are partnership based with the girls state soccer championships.

Then in december we have the football championships now, and we have all of those for two years.

So we're back in the tssaa game baby!"

Yeah baby!

Mocs defensive lineman devonnsha maxwell was an all-american last year as a sophomore when he led the socon in sacks with seven.

Now he's on track to break that record in the socon's shortened spring season.

Maxwell already has four sacks in two games to put him among the nation's leaders.

When devonnsha maxwell arrived at u-t-c, he didn't look like a sack monster.

Maxwell:"well first of all i had to lift weights and get bigger.

I came in at 260, but that definitely wasn't big enough for the kind of guys we go against."

Reporter:"how big are you now?"

Maxwell:"285 or 290.

Around that area.

Way bigger.

Sometimes i come in at 295 depending on what i ate that day but."

Maxwell is eatin good now.

He looks like an s-e-c defensive lineman.

Wright:"he's what you want them to look like and what you want them to be.

Plays that way.

Gives himself opportunities to be a good player.

Maxwell:"my number one priority going into a game is taking care of my job basically."

If the junior keeps taking care of business, he may do business in the n- f-l.

Maxwell:"since i was a kid i always wanted to go to the nfl.

I'm blessed with the opportunity to be ijn the position i'm in.

It's not far away as long as i keep pushing.

Keep doing what i need to do.

I feel like i can be there."

Wright:"he's going to give himself an opportunity to probably play on sundays if he continues to grow and get better.

He has got to be.

He has got to crank that motor up just a hair all the time and play that way all the time."

Coach wright says maxwell is an all- american in every way.

Wright:"we did a thing for the food bank here in town.

He gave the most money for it out of everybody.

Wasn't even close.

That's just the kind of person he is."

Maxwell and the mocs have a top 15 showdown saturday as they travel to face furman.

The titans continue to make over their roster.

They cut two more veterans for salary cap reasons.

Defensive back adoree jackson and offensive lineman dennis kelly were both released by tennessee on tuesday.

The chattanoogs red wolves learned today that their home opener this season will be saturday, may 22nd.

The red wolves will entertain fort lauderdale.

Here's a final look at our forecast...