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Monday, 21 June 2021


Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Your storm team 12 right now forecast.

"news 12 at 11.

Your news starts now."

"news 12 at 11.

Your news starts now."

Good evening.


Danielle moss.

Angela moryan will be joining us later in sports.

Thanks for joining us for news 12 at 11.

Two people are recovering after they were shot tonight in two separate locations in chattanooga.

The first shooting happened in the 1200 block of grove street court.

According to c-p-d, a man was shot and is suffering from non-life threatening injuries.

The victim was transported to the hospital by hamilton county e-m-s.

The second shooting tonight happened near dodds avenue on 15th avenue.

C-p-d says that this victim is also suffering from non-life threatening injuries.

Police and the k-9 unit were on the scene.

Police say that they do not know if the two shootings are related.

We'll keep you updated as we learn more about both of these incidents.

A home in red bank was saved thanks to red bank fire department.

The fire started this afternoon in the 400 block of tiktin drive.

According to red bank fire, a car that was under a shed caught on fire.

Both the car and the shed were severly damaged.

However, the fire department was able to save the home that was near by.

"this is what we train for.

We have a new driver.

We were literally just doing this scenario wednesday and friday.

We have had a dry spell.

We haven't had any rain in a while.

So, the leaves are dry.

So, we tried to keep it as close to the initial point of fire as we could."

No injuries were reported.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Voting rights advocate stacey abrams talked about the restrictions to voting access being proposed by georgia and many other states on cnn's "state of the union" sunday.

Abrams says that republicans are trying to eliminate access to voting.

We know that voter fraud did not happen.

But we know that voter participation did increase.

And we should all be small-d democratic in the sense that we should want as many people as possible who are eligible to have a voice in the direction of our nation.

If we are willing to invest our dollars, we should be allowed to have a voice in our system.

That was the fundamental premise of this nation."

It's been one year since the pandemic hit and most businesses had to close their doors.

News 12's joeli poole spoke with local business owners who reflect on this challenging year.

One year ago the coronavirus pandemic hit the united states and forced all businesses to close their doors to the public.

Since then, it's been a bumpy road for businesses as they respond to guideline changes, mask mandates, and limited store capacities.

Chattanooga businesses say they remember the moment they were first told they had to close.

Rebecca angel "it was like whattt.

I don't think we ever could have imagined it would happen like that.

It's not something we ever would have considered to happen.

It was crazy."

Cindy jayne "we had to cancel all the easter dresses.

Cancel all the white graduation dresses that come in in may.

We had to start from scratch and start thinking our whole world is about to change here."

Most businesses say they have had to depend more on online sales, delivery services and rearranging how they do business.

Jayne " i haven't had the people connection that i normally have when i am in the store.

That's the joyous part of it.

It really makes you put your nose to the grindstone and dig deep into what's important to you.

What do you want to represent.

I have always thought you have to be unique or you wont make it."

Though this year has been challenging, local businesses say they are finally seeing an uptick in sales and are hopeful for the future.

Angel "business is actually really good right now.

With the weather warming up so many people are walking at coolidge and downtown.

We are really excited for this summer too."

Jayne "stay hopeful and stay positive.

Please shop local.

Please stay with us.

Help us through this.

We can do it but we can't do it without you."

In chattanooga, joeli poole, news 12 now covid-19 has also pushed many parents into pursing homeschooling as an option.

Homeschool inspire founder was founded by a chattanooga mom of nine homeschooled children.

Joyce mcpherson helps parents that are new to homeschooling their children.

She created this group last year in order to relieve stress from families by offering a mentor program.

"we realized that there was a need for support for parents.

We also wanted to help parents create their own approach and so we tried to match people with experienced homeschoolers who use the same approach to home school and there are many approaches."

If you would like to be a mentee or a mentor send them an email at inspire 2 educate us at gmail dot com well---we hope you changed your clocks last night.

But most importantly---the chattanooga fire department hopes that you are keeping up with the batteries in your smoke detectors.

With the batteries in your smoke detectors.

The fire department says that smoke alarms that are properly installed and maintained play a vital role in reducing fire deaths and injuries.

They suggest that you test your smoke alarms regularly as well as make a fire escape plan for your home.

"you push this button and you do not hear a response, more than likely, that means that the device is either malfunctioning or it has a dead battery which is an easy replacement.

These things usually operate off of a 9 volt battery.

You should replace those batteries about every 6 months."

If your smoke alarm malfunctions--chattanooga fire will come out and replace your batteries or the detector.

Now, from the epb fiberoptics weather center, tomorrow's storm team 12 forecast.

Ad lib here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera at lee pointe from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

Nasa astronauts mike hopkins and victor glover completed a spacewalk on saturday to prepare for the big day.

It's video you don't want to miss when news 12 returns.

Now, from the epb weather center, your storm team 12 forecast.

The a pretty mild but start to the sunday right here at the board agrees we actually know you going to of sun today and reached a high of 70 740 in this very time-lapse for the day of you warm evening overly pointing and which is the glimmer of on me for not sunset this is provided by the epb hyper optics weather can network our next rainmaker is the fast on his way and will be here by monday afternoon so next rainmaker right now currently causing rain showers all the way from parts of louisiana x standing up into parts of arkansas and missouri that will be here against by monday afternoon and this is being pushed by a cold front that is fast-moving but going into monday morning likely waking up pretty cool right nea the low to mid 50s all across the tennis the valley will start to see a few showers strangling towards the leader into the aft mill but mainly drive for most of the day insurgencies brief heavy downpour is was through the tennessee valley just after 4 pm so this will likely be a ?your monday going home to work or from school commute to do keep that in mind this can be the radar about 7 pm notice the heavy downpour is really expected to stay in north alabama and north georgia counties to acting in heavy downpour is for tennessee valley counties just to be mainly sticking towards the us other of our viewing area and this can b continuing on all the way into tuesday morning notice that heavy rainfall is really good t be sticking down south south alabama as well as south georgia we will have a bit of a break for tuesday going to be mainly drive self to be picking without pick layer of clouds with severe weather outlook for monday we are just on the outskirts of that really this beer weather potential for monday is going to be pretty lo were to be looking at maybe if you rumbles of under a but otherwise that severe weather threat is going to be staying to the south west now it is going to be breezy tomorrow afternoon i then we can when guys pick up all the way from 22 over pick up all the way from 22/30 miles per hour so again while that severe weather threat is low you expect them breezy conditions in heavy downpour is high samara to be right near the midst pixies again tuesday is asked to be a much drier day like the clouds though with highs near the lowe 70s as we got to this extended future cost wednesday will be the day to watch is also a holiday theme patrick stacy do keep that in mind as we are expecting not only some heavy downpours but the potential for strong maybe even severe storms out potential is going to be there for wayne's date nights of to be aware of not also going to be continuing into thursday morning as well as you can see this can be the radar at 8 am again it is going to be varies bring like this week with the potential for that strong to severe storms rain like all the way from now into tuesday morning and be looking around half an inch to an inch overall in the tennessee valley will sa in thursday are going to be our big rainmakers all the way from 1 1/2 to even over 3 inches of rain stay with us on your seven in the epb fiber optics weather center here is your 74 guys definitely want to have that rain gear on hand for monday keep actually for most of the week again when they is a holiday it patrick stacy definitely the weather aware as we head into when they for the potential of strong even to bee storms more rain expected for thursday and then we'll have some left over oyster for friday that will create even more doors it looks like will clear out just in time for this weekend for the start of bring youthe international space station last november on the spacex crew-1 mission, spent saturday hard at work performing upgrades on a spacewalk outside the orbiting laboratory.

Cbs news correspondent tom hanson reports from new york.

''hatch is unlocked.'' with the hatch open, american astronauts victor glover and mike hopkins took a few giant steps to venture outside the international space station.

Glover and hopkins took the nearly-seven hour spacewalk to conduct several intricate maintenance procedures on the space station.

From earth below, nasa mission control offered safety guidance... ''please avoid contact with any of the rotating structure.'' and directions... ''and let me know if you need guidance to get to the work site.'' their first task saturday was to vent ammonia from two jumper cables used to feed coolant into the station's external control system.

Astronaut: ''ok, we have a few ammonia crystals that are coming out from the female.'' the amount of ammonia released into space came as a surprise.

''oh yeah, look at that go the astronauts had to take extra safety precautions after possibly getting some of the toxic chemical on themselves.

''so at the end of all these ops, we'll do an inspection of both of you.'' their suits were checked for ammonia to avoid getting any inside the space station and contaminating the cabin atmosphere.

''ike, if you could use your helmet lights to look over hopper's suit to see if you see any signs of ammonia on him.'' ''there does not appear to be any ammonia residue on any of the crew members.'' the crew ended the day with their mission accomplished, as glover and hopkins arrived safely back inside the space station.

Tom hanson, cbs news.

Glover and hopkins launched to the space station last november on spacex.

This was their second spacewalk together..

The 63rd annual grammys show is the first socially- distanced ceremony and we'll have all of the highlights after the break.

"you're watching news 12 at 11.

Your news now."

The 63rd annual grammys show kicked off tonight amid the global pandemic.

It's the biggest night in music's first socially-distanced ceremony but still features performances that make the grammys on cbs a must-see event.

Cbs news correspondent danya bacchus has more from los angeles.

The first grammys show during the global pandemic was still all about the magic of music -- in good times and bad.

Harry styles kicked off the evening with a heartfelt performance of ''watermelon sugar...'' followed by billie eilish with her hit ''everything i wanted.'' megan thee stallion won the first award of the night for best new artist --.

Due to the pandemic--there was no live audienceinstea d, artists performed for each other.

Dua lipa teamed up with rapper da baby.

And for the first time--anderson paak and bruno mars performed together as silk sonic.

And for another grammy first--employees from hard hit music venues across the nation presented awards.

--were you thinking here?

''daily show" host trevor noah led the socially-distanced grammys from here in downtown los angeles and sprinkled humor in all the right places.

''this past year has been difficult for us all.

I mean, we've had to do everything over zoom-- weddings, work, colonoscopies.'' h.e.r won song of the year for "i can't breathe"--beating beyonce, taylor swift and billie eilish.

Artists paid tribute to musicians lost in 2020.

And the women of country music were recognized -- they dominated the best country album category.

Danya bacchus/cbs news/los angeles the madness is back!!!!!

And no i'm not talking about angela.

But she will be here next, talking all things march madness in the gatorade sports desk.

Plus, a future nfl hall of famer is finally calling it quits after 20 years.

And, will john fulkerson be healthy enough for some dancing in march?

I'll tell you, when we get back.

"now from the news 12 sports desk."

No big celebration ... and no real rest either ... as tennessee will go straight from indianapolis to nashville tomorrow morning -- and get ready for its third straight ncaa tournament appearance.

The fifth seeded vols will face the pac-12 winners oregon state friday in the midwest region.

Tennessee is 1-3 against the beavers ... however, the two teams haven't played in over 30 years.

The bracket only gets tougher moving forward, with the big ten winner illinois as the number one seed.

Coach rick barnes says tennessee has the opportunity to beat anyone ... however, the first round won't be easy.

Rick barnes: "oregon state finished as strong as any team in the country in their conference.

What was it, oregon, ucla and colorado, in that order.

That tells you how well they're playing.

A terrific team that's been coached well, and they've gotten better and you said it, they're playing their best basketball."

Let's take a look at the rest of the bracket.

As i mentioned, illinois taking a number one seed, along with gonzaga, baylor and michigan.

=== in the west, both kansas and virginia not traveling until late in the week due to covid 19 problems... the first four out will sub in if needed.

=== hartiford making its first tournament appearance going up against baylor on friday.

=== florida and arkansas also playing in the south region.

Nine sec teams represented this year.

=== joining the vols in the midwest, the ramblin wreck georgia tech plays loyola chicago.

Jackets fresh off an acc title.

=== houston serves as the number two seed, after demolishing cincy today.

=== the socon's uncg faces florida state as the number 13 seed.

=== and alabama earned itself a 2 seed.

Will play iona on saturday.

Now the question is, with tennessee have senior starter john fulkerson back in the arsenal for friday's game?

There could be a glimmer of hope, vol fans.

Fulkerson went back to knoxville this morning to have doctors work on his facial facture.

He is now back with the team, and barnes says he will travel to indy tomorrow.

However, his status is still up in the air.

He will be evaluated daily.

Lee's quest for the conference championship fell short against alabama huntsville in the semi final round last week.

The flames have a chance at redemption as they meet u-a-h again, this time in the ncaa tournament's round of 32... the chargers have their name for a reason... uah charging a 17-2 run up on lee from the get go.

Flames down by 18 10 minutes in.

=== end of the first half, flames fire up again.

Quay kennedy gets some air to cut the lead to 10.

=== then just before the break, mahki mcguire drains a three to get this game back in control.

7 point lead for the chargers at break.

=== lee sticks around in the second half, never giving up.

Especially kennedy, who finishes with a double double, 23 points, 11 rebounds.

Still not enough, as the chargers knock down lee once again, 73-66.

Quarterback drew brees is officially retiring from the nfl.

The saints record- setter is hanging it up after 20 years in the league -- 15 in new orleans.

Brees is the nfl's all-time leading passer with over 80 thousand yards -- and his 571 touchdown passes is second only to tom brady.

The 42-year-old led the saints to its only super bowl in 2010 -- where he won mvp.

Brees also was named offensive player of the year twice, and walter peyton man of the year.

We'll be right back with a final look at the forecast!

Last weather one year ago the coronavirus pandemic hit the united states and forced all businesses to pandemic hit the united states and forced all businesses to


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