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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Warren & Griffin, P.C. shows they can help get the Social Security Disability you need

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Warren & Griffin, P.C. shows they can help get the Social Security Disability you need
Warren & Griffin, P.C. shows they can help get the Social Security Disability you need

Warren & Griffin, P.C.

Shows they can help get the Social Security Disability you need

There you'll find the viewers choice awards.

We have 7 different categories where you can wherever you know they can become a rough path to take especially for trying to file a claim for social security disability.

Joining us to talk more about that and to smooth out those rough edges, it's ryan womack without returning friend warned griffin right first fall the morning to see him right off the bat since the coven pandemic broke out last year and i see that uptick in folks trying to file a social security disability claim.

We have with the pandemic going on.

We got a lot of people at home.

A lot of people try to choose their options in terms of what's goin on with work.

What people been out so we have seen an uptick whereby the 20 to 25%.

Well i know this is sounds like an elementary question, but if you ask a lot of people exactly what social security is, as well as things that everybody knows but it's kind of hard to properly quantify what is social security you're paying in to social security as you are working on the thing with social security disability is you are setting aside part of your wage to go into the system and when you become disabled or you have impairment then you hope to have that money set aside for you in your time of need and actually filing a disability claim.

As i understand it is not a one part is not a two-part thing frequently is a three-part situation or more.

What are those parts it can be.

And yes, it could be sometimes a lengthy process.

Now you can get approved at any stage of however the first part is the initial process.

The initial application you file an initial application on and hope would be that you get approved on the initial chart if you don't and your denied.

You can ask for reconsideration reconsideration europe application goes back to the same office that adjudicated the first initial application, but it's looked at by somebody else in the office.

If your denied at the reconsideration stage than the last part would be a hearing and that's when you go with your attorney someone like me where we go before an administrative law judge to mak the definitive ruling on your claim.

And this is not as you mentioned a moment ago a quick or speedy process frequently is not.

It is not that is one of the unfortunate things and i tell clients when they come in, but this is a little bit of the walk of faith.

I will why does it take so long.

Some people have been working since they were 15 years old again.

The bus there but until they're 60 or whatever injured unable to do their job.

Rightfully they feel like they're entitled to their own money will have to go through the federal government, and we got a lot of claims coming through.

They have what came lanes going through and so the weight of the regulations are set up.

They just have a lot of time to respond initial stage can take between 6 to 8 months just to get initial decision back to what happens during the 60 month timeframe.

So what social security is doing the offices there working to get al of your medical documentation back and take some time.

If you have a host of medical provider and you're trying to figure out your exact disability and impairment, especially if you've recently moved absolutely yeah and so you may be they may be trying to get medical records from all over the country, depending upon where you've been best case scenario, long would a process like this take best case scenario is you get u you get approved right at the initial application, it still may take six months to get to that.

But that would be a quick speedy recovery and that's what we would hope for all of her clients once one of the first o should i say one of the biggest mistakes a lot of folks may when they are beginning this process you need look at the rules for applying and should you should contact an attorney if you're actually been thinking about it to see if you qualify as one of the first hurdles that you have to overcome is you have to be out of work were expected to be out of work for at least one year and so a lot of times people cause enough they look.

I'm still working right now jus having difficulty doing what i' doing well, they may apply, but they're going to get denied.

After a while because they're still working.

You have to have a certain impairment or disability.

That's going to keep you out of work for at least a year works acted to be out of right released frequently.

One doctor saying so they go to get the job done.

Fortunately, i will leave it there.

Hopefully will come back over the coming weeks to help straighten this out or get it's a crooked iraqi death chick of the best work of so applying for socials disability by walmart.

Thank you very much.

You can get in touch with brianna warren and

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