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Saturday, 6 March 2021

Your Community with Kay - Hiking Southern Trails Movie

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Your Community with Kay - Hiking Southern Trails Movie
Your Community with Kay - Hiking Southern Trails Movie

Kay talks to the mom who hiked thousands of miles before making a new movie about hiking southern trails.

Kay blevins is your body lik in your community news today on news 12 now with five now with 531.

You want to go check out at a really new film called into america's wild at the imax hitter in downtown chattanooga warning at now is davis she's gonna tell us all about into america's wild read the how are you ... good for me absolutely thank yo for joining us on the broadcast first of all, let's talk a little bit about your adventure now you went for thousand miles of long-distance trails right here in the tennessee on north carolina area.

Tell us a little bit about your ... yeah, i really got into hiking after college and finish high i all 50yeah, i really got into hiking after college and finish high in all 52.

The confidence and a lot of the long long trails actually done the entire appalachian trail three separate time in the southern appalachian [replaced while to get involved in hiking and why did this make ... this is so it is important part of your life.

Why is it i live in a 21-year-old with me and i have a crisis college where really didn't know who i was there.

What do you needed a place to figure things out and the growing up in the area ordered her to the appalachian trail.

I set off to do that.

It was so transformative and waiting to ask me about the hardest thing i've ever done.

But it felt so empowered to not.

That not only did i continue to make our mail but i'm possibly trying to get other people outdoors, but let's talk a little bit about the film we ge into more about your endurance on it on to tell us a little bi about what we can ask back from the film what we can see ... well if so, is america while you know a year and a half to two years ago before courbet in the future solicit beautiful in america and you can, and skills on how to get outside and so it felt important in and out even more so because the all the side effects that we've gone through the country with the pandemic o struggling with rental and emotional health.

In connection a really more important now than ever to get outside and this is usually going to meet went to get out side and maybe help you plan the future size you want to visit for future events or tell us about the many struggles you went so many miles in a short amount of time.

How about tells about the struggles.

Maybe a swing around the home and i love the struggle as you know, i mean her fatigue and blisters.

The bears use the wildlife but they're not the strength 19 where you you lock the door and her four-year- old figures that out but that's what i really love about the trail is it is a metaphor for life and never so many will point out there.

There are some.i can't keep going and she me get to the top of the mountain and there is a been so powerful about just even when you feel like it's in a group ugly ugly crawl putting one's foot in front of the others.

So chill about a lot recently, eve on the trail i just noticed her son.

They are your sons and braces so many working moms out there and were glad that he can join us also on.

I know he so proud of the for what she is accomplished as well if i want to check out the film at the imax theater can make not havin taken.

Not sure it's family- friendly you will point out how to communicate information that is the imax chattanooga at the aquarium and you can go online or call and get your to get back there really is something that we need right now and i'm only for entertainment but to make you feel good and give you an idea for you to answer.

Thank you so much for joining us this today and give us a this information about this film and i definitely check it out for joining us in congratulations on all your accomplishments.

They are amazing ... thank you if you would like mor information on this interview, you can visit our web died at w def or if you have something that would like to be featured in our community segment.


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