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Monday, 1 March 2021

Celebrating Violet Edwards

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Celebrating Violet Edwards
Celebrating Violet Edwards
Celebrating Violet Edwards

In tonight's black history month profile... we recognize the first black woman to be elected as a madison county commissioner, voilet edwards.

Waay31's megan reyna spoke with her about what inspired her to take on this role.

Nats: "solemnly swear."

Edwards says:"i just woke up one day and decided that i wanted change."

Nats clapping originally from the small town of cordova alabama -- violet edwards would hold several different titles before county commissioner.

From a journalist -- to full-time mother -- to professor at the university of alabama- huntsville.

But edwards felt like she had what it took to evoke change.

She launced her campaign in the summer of 2019 -- ending it victoriously in 2020.

Edwards says: "if you had something to say, 2020 was the time to say it, it was a time to fight for what you felt was right."

Part of her fight including calling for the removal of the confederate monument that sat in front of the madison county courthouse.

Nats:'how can we expect to see real change and progress in our community?'

Edwards says: "to go out and campaign during that, just meant i had to stand firm in my conviction, that i had to say what i meant.

I had to be willing to accept the consequences and i just had to face everything with no fear."

Edwards is the only woman and only minority on the commission.

However -- she truly believes right now -- women of color are breaking down barriers -- and inspiring each otehr.

Edwards says:"i just love the solidarity we are seeing right now.

We have the women who are not afraid.

We have the women who are not afraid to support the women who are not afraid."

It's been non-stop for edwards since she was sworn in.

She's working on bringing covid-19 relief through renters assistance... re-building the districts community garden... and implimenting new programs for the senior wellness and advocacy center.

Reporter:"how do you want people to remember you in this role?"

Edwards says: "just looking back, that i got it done, that i wasn't afraid to step out there and take action and get it done."

Megan says: "for at least the next four years -- edwards name will be on signs like this one.

She hopes to continue to stay bold and bring positive change to a community she's proud to call home.

Reporting in hsv mr waay 31 news."


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