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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Butte County city, county leaders speak about homeless crisis

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Butte County city, county leaders speak about homeless crisis
Butte County city, county leaders speak about homeless crisis

City and county leaders spoke about how to combat the homeless crisis in Chico, including Chico's Mayor Andrew Coolidge.

Is the majority of the homeless population in butte county-- from the area..

That's what one group claims..

Action news now reporter dani masten spoke with city and county leaders to see if they feel a responsibility to provide more resources for them.

### the butte countywide homeless continuum of care shows -70 percent of the homeless population is from butte county and 80 percent is from chico..

City and county leaders with different ideas on how to combat chico's homeless crisis.

Debra lucero/district 2 supervisor for butte county "we have a responsibility to these folks because they aren't from somewhere else.

Moving people from here to there is very disruptive particularly during a pandemic."

Andrew coolidge/city of chico mayor "some people believe have believed that has added to the problems some people think that is a solution for the problem.

I think what we need to do is do exactly what we are doing is to enforce our laws when it comes to protecting our parks."

Scott huber/chico city councilman <it would be the same answer whether they were from chico or wherever they were from.

It just so happens a majority of them are from chico or have been here longer than five years.

We just have a responsibility to treat them in a humane manner."

Dani masten "i spoke with butte county behavioral health to see what resources they have available for those who are currently living in places like the city plaza here."

Scott connelly/butte county behavioral health "we fund programs like the six feet drop in center which is a drop in center for youth.

That is about a half a million dollar a year program that we fund.

We have an intensive outreach team that is responsible for going out and trying to engage with the most high risk."

Dani asks: does providing more resources help or hinder the homeless issue?

Andrew coolidge/city of chico mayor "that is the $20,000 question really.

You know a lot of people would say that providing more creates a worse problem.

Some people would say providing less causes a worse problem.

Butte county behavioral health also tells me they are working with a potential partner right now to offer a detox program for those who need it.

In chico - dani masten, action news now, coverage you can count on.

Mayor coolidge tells action news now the city of chico and butte county as a whole do more for the homeless than most of the other cities in california and that the city will continue to look at options for the homeless.



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