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Monday, 1 March 2021

5:30pm LSAD Invisawear 02.22.2021

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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5:30pm LSAD Invisawear 02.22.2021
5:30pm LSAD Invisawear 02.22.2021
Local Steals and Deals: Invisawear.

C1 3 wouldn't it be wonderful if you had five key people with you every moment of the day?

You would never be alone, you would never worry, you would never be afraid.

Well, that might not be possible, but i have the next best thing.

This is a brand new concept called invisawear.

This is a beautiful necklace.

You literally just push the button and it alerts five people.

Please meet the young lady who actually developed it, this is rajia.

It looks like a beautiful piece of jewelry and people never believe this, but it's actually got a safety device hidden on the inside.

There's a button, if you press it two times, it immediately sends a text message to five people that you pre-select in the free app.

And, there's a feature to allow it to optionally contact 911 as well.

When you double press it during an emergency, it sends your loved ones a link to your live location so that they can send help.

Thank you so much to local steals and deals for having me, and for the audience listening, i'm so thrilled to be able to help keep you safe and to keep your loved ones safe.

Thank you so much, rajia, i think this is one of the most amazing designs.

By the way, this keeps you safe with no monthly monitoring fee which i think is very important.

It comes in a gold tone or silver tone, beautifully gift boxed and ready to go.

And right now on it is 28% off.

So, start making a list of everyone you love and you want to get one


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