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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Explaining why the North Country saw the most snow

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Explaining why the North Country saw the most snow
Explaining why the North Country saw the most snow

We'll explain what upslope snow is and why it caused the North Country to see the most snowfall Monday.

Down very heavy today.

The roads are still quite messy.

But the north country saw it even worse than the mohawk valley.

Meteorologist violet scibior is live iutica a.

Good evening.

The snow is still coming down thisevening.

E small because temperates e right around freezing, but the snow sure is coming down heavy, especially in the north country.

Let's explain why this event brought more snow to the higher elevations.

Heavy snow blanketed central new york today, but the greatest accumulation is in the north country.

This is all because of the elevation.

As a system moves in from the west, there's cold air ahead of it.

In the mohawk valley, our temperatures were right around freezing today at 32 degrees.

The higher elevation, the colder it gets.

This is why the north country was well below freezing.

Now the reason we saw more snow in the north country is due to elevation and the wind direction.

The wind is coming in from the south.

As it moves past the mohawk valley and into the north country, orographliftinocs rced to move ward when ihits tht ueezes all ofhe moistureout of t elevations.

Ovall, the noh countrsaw the highestsnowfall tm work.

Also, watch out for the plows as they are actively cleaning up this mess.

In utica, violet scibior, newsc hannel 2.

Time for a first look at the forecast inh half houhere's chit bill kardas... hi there.

Tonight: snow showers.

Low 26


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