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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Local food network growing by leaps and bounds

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Local food network growing by leaps and bounds
Local food network growing by leaps and bounds

A local non-profit is encouraging people to shop local and grow their own food.

Action News Now spoke to leaders about why this is important especially during the pandemic.

Positivity rate.

Today: 3.1%.

New tonight - a local non-profit encouraging people to shop local and grow their own food.

Action news now reporter amy lanski spoke to the leaders about why this is especially important during the pandemic.

Amy standup: "this home you see right behind me may look like an ordinary home in chico, but behind it is a huge garden.

I spoke to the owner about what it means to give back to the community."

Toni zanella: "on a personal level it means a lot, i lost my job because of the pandmic.

I was in coorporate travel for decades and that went away, so now this is my being."

Toni zanella grew up in the home and wanted to use her backyard efficiently..

She said she talking the director of the butte county local food network, who said she knew a local farmer who was looking for land to farm.

Zanella: "this is what happened it has snowballed into this learning center and demonstration and education garden."

The garden is now called th vecino victory garden.

Director pamm larry says butte county local food network is a non-profit whose goal is to create a strong local food system.

Larry: "all the way from seed distribution in tiny libraries, to growing food here.

We have a blitz going on right now where people can sign up to get a small garden in their yards."

Larry says this is extremely important during the pandemic.

Larry: "supply chains are being disrupted right now, countries are closing or slowing down their exports, we are not."

Larry says eventually from research she has done prices will go up, so it's even more vital to keep food local.

Larry: "in magalia and concow and at both places they have other people coming with their vendor booths.

So we are supporting the local economy too."

Amy standup: "larry explained with money from one of the grants they got they are going to replace what you see here with a plastic greenhouse."

Larry: "we hope to be selling plants next year as a fundraiser.

See those two octogonal places that will be the kids sensory garden.

These are all fruit trees, it is hard to tell because it is winter.

This is an example of an urban farm so like ten rows.

Amy standup: "both leaders say this isopen to the public, but you do need to contact them to arrange a visit.

Reporting from chico amy lanski action news now coverage you can count on."

The garden also has a compost area.

To see how to contact anyone from there you can visit


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