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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Snow Shoveling Tips To Help Your Heart

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Snow Shoveling Tips To Help Your Heart
Snow Shoveling Tips To Help Your Heart
Snow Shoveling Tips To Help Your Heart

New tonight at nine---health officials are warning tri- staters to be cautious during this winter weather---as it can be risky for your health.... 44news reporter claire dugan explains how you can keep yourself safe.

As the tri-state begins it's recovery from several snow storms this past week-- this is what experts say about protecting your heart during winter weather.

The combination of freezing cold temperatures and strenuous exercise dramatically increases the workload of your heart-- -- which for some can be deadly.

Before heading outdoors to clear away that snow-- experts are saying that it's important to know a few basic tips.

"you really shouldn't be out shoveling snow if you're not physically fit.

This cold weather and that additional exertion puts a lot of extra strain on your heart."

Health officials say this time of year can be busy---- emergency rooms can potentially see an increase in patients from car accidents--- to slipping on ice--and injuries related to sledding.... but it's crucial to be aware of your own health and well-being.... "anybody that has a heart condition, it's advisable to have someone else shovel the snow or take care of it for you."

On top of that-- shovelers should aim to use small shovels to lift lighter amounts-- -- and never tackle an entire driveway at once.

"you start to lose track of time-- you start sweating and then with addition to that cold, puts a lot of additional strain on the body."

The most important tip is to know the signs of a heart attack and stop immediately to call 9-1-1 if you experience any of them.

Reporting in evansville, claire dugan, 44-news.

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