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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Unions give away food

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Unions give away food
Unions give away food
Unions give away food

"* and were able to be put into in the dead of winter ?

"* when things are feeling cold and bleak ?

"* it's important to gie back to struggling families in the fight against hunger.

That was the aim of one local effort this morning.

Kimt news 3's samantha soto takes us there.

"helping working families by giving them support during a time that's been difficult for everyone ?

"* that's exactly wht these organizations are teaming up to do on this cold saturday morning."

The southeast minnesota area labor council ?

"* ?

"* based in roch ?

"* teamed up with area local unions to host a free food giveaway near the rochester airport.




"*a's fa families program provided over a thousand 30 pound boxes of pre?

"* packaged food and gallos of milk.

All at no cost, no eligibility requirements ?

"* ad no limit.

Pomella wegmann ?

"* president of se minn area labor council says rochester has a large number of low wage workers ?

"* with 40 percent of workers earning under 15 dollars an hour ?

"* or under a living wage.

"we know about how many families are struggling ?

"* and just the tough year that folks have gone through ?

"* and we thought today would be the perfect time to try and give back to the community."

Families from all surrounding areas came to take part in the union's first food giveaway in the med?


In rochester ?

"* samantha soto the southeast minnesota area labor council is a united labor movement of 40 thousand union members and frontline workers in


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