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Monday, 1 March 2021

Priceville's dynamic duo

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Priceville's dynamic duo
Priceville's dynamic duo
Mom and daughter make one last run

A mom and daughter are dancing together one last time ..... i'm not talking ball room, but basketball.

It's all kim and jenna walker have known for 18 years.... kim and jenna walker's love for baksetball is only matched by the love they have for each other.

"we're very close... starts crying sorry..."

"we spend every waking second together."

Kim is an assitant for priceville girls basketball, the team jenna has led to four straight area titles.

"that's pretty big for our team."

After every win....jenna immediately finds her mom on the sidelines.

"i give her the biggest hug, she's one of the first people i hug..."

But the shot clock is winding down on the time the senior has left to play for her mom.

"its ending.

It's kinda weird, i never believed her, now its getting to the point, where everything has come true, the more we get to play the more we get to live it, i don't know it's getting real."

Every pre-game chat means a little more this season... "bittersweet thinking some of those conversations are coming to an end."

Kim says she's soaking more moments as a mom... and not just a coach.

"you know i've just tried to celebrate things with her and congratulating her on her accomplishments, so she knows we are very proud of her."

Luckily, jenna's baseketball career isn't over after high school... next year she's heading to bowling green to play for western kentucky.

A dream come true for her, and kim, who played college ball at west alabama..

"i don't think i"ll never not play for my mom.

Even with i'm at college or something she'll probably still be calling me telling me what i need to do."

There's still one more memory to be made at this level... winning their championship.

Kim lost in the state finals when she was in high school.

It's only fitting the two win their first one together... "and our number one goal is to win a state championship, and i want to win that with my mom and my team..

And for this town."

Jennna and the bulldogs are in anniston right now facing the other bulldogs..

In the sweet 16.

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