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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Robinson CUSD #2 looking to hire mental health therapist

Credit: WTHI
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Robinson CUSD #2 looking to hire mental health therapist
Robinson CUSD #2 looking to hire mental health therapist
Robinson CUSD #2 looking to hire mental health therapist


This school year and the last have been ones for the record books.

The pandemic has taught lessons to many school districts one of those lesson's involves the mental health of their students.

News 10 bureau chief gary brian explains how one wabash valley district is taking the lesson and making it a priority.

Pkg gar} "it's been a hectic couple of weeks here in robinson.

The students has forced students to go home for a couple of days, come back for a couple of days, go home for a few days, and now friday they're back in class.

Couple that with the last few months of the pandemic and having to work from home and it's been a stressful time for students.

School leaders have taken notice and now are hoping to help."

Robinson schools were already looking into their student's mental health before the pandemic.

But the last few months have put a spotlight on the service.

"this is something that just continuely comes up and this year it was no contest.

As i talked to all the different groups, they're like 'we need some additional support with mental health.'" each school has a group of staff members who keep tabs on what students need.

Among those groups is the district's 5 school counselors.

Those counselors take on day to day needs of the students.

"they've been great proponents of this, our five school counselors, is adding another level of support for the kids that need something more intensive then just the typical day to day assistance and support."

That extra level will come in the form of a mental health therapist.

The new position will help students on a variety of problems. but one in particular is crisis intervention.

"if we have a student whose in some sort of mental health crisis to be able to assess the situation, provide some immediate support.

But then also be available to provide that long term continuing support."

Supporting students to make a better learning environment.

"we like to have that personal relationship with all of our students and know where they're coming from.

This just is going to be a big help with that."

Gar} "if you'd like to apply to the new position head over to our website at and click on this story.

In robinson gary brian news 10."


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