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Monday, 1 March 2021

Monoclonal antibodies help in smooth COVID-19 recovery

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Monoclonal antibodies help in smooth COVID-19 recovery
Monoclonal antibodies help in smooth COVID-19 recovery

Enloe Medical Center is attributing their dramatic drop in COVID-19 hospitalizations over the past few weeks to their issuing of monoclonal antibody treatments.

Hospitalizations are dropping region-wide... some experts say in part due to a new monoclonal treatment for covid-19 patients promising to reduce side effects.

New at 5-thirty - action news now reporter tori apodaca show us how it works.

When wendy thompson contracted covid-19 in late december, she did not know that there was any type of treatment& that is until she went to enloe prompt care.

"when they tested me, they were like we are going to call in and see if you qualify for the monoclonal antibodies and i was like, 'what's that?'" she learned that some of her underlying conditions qualified her for what's called "monoclonal antibody treatment."

In less than 24 hours...she was given it.

"there are two iv bags of the medication involved and after they keep you for an hour after just to make sure you are not having any bad side effects, allergic effects."

In just six days, some of thompson's symptoms began to clear and she never had to be admitted to the hospital.

As far as the treatment goes... "it's not particularly invasive, they make you comfortable."

Thompson is grateful she had the opportunity to receive the monoclonal treatment.

"i was willing to try it, readily willing to try it because there was a chance of helping things from getting any worse, i was all for it."

In order to see if you are a good candidate for this treatment, you must receive a doctor's referral.

The monoclonal antibodies target covid-19 cells and spike proteins to help curb their attack.

If you think you qualify for the treatment you can visit your primary care physician to get a referral.

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