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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Rochester Police employ virtual reality for training

Credit: KIMT
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Rochester Police employ virtual reality for training
Rochester Police employ virtual reality for training
KIMT News 3's Anthony Monzon gives it a try.

Sentenced to more than 12 we're getting an inside look at some high?

"* tech training the rochester police department is using to keep officers performing at their peak.

Kimt news three's anthony monzon joins us live after trying out some of r?


"*d's new training tool anthony?

Well katie and george... you may notice i still have some helmet hair after taking off all the wearable tech the rochester police department let me try on.

Inside that building... there are some immersive new tools giving officers tailor?

"*made training on responding to calls.

Here you can see me getting strapped into the apex officer augmented reality simulator.

Officers are fitted with a v?

*- r headset... headphones... motion backpack... and belt with a prop gun and tazer.

They're then dropped into a simulated environment... which could be anything from a traffic stop to a sitandoff with an armed subject.

The scenario is guided by an instructor... who dictates what happens based on how an officer is responding.

After the exercise... officers review their performance and receive feedback with extremely precise stats.

Sergeant paul gron?

"*holtz tels me in this environment... officers can learn valuable lessons without real?

"* world "in order to introduce some of the dynamic things that they'll encounter as officers, this is a much more controlled environment where they can feel free to make mistakes, and they'll fail forward, they'll learn what not to do."

And officers say in addition to the high?

"* quality training this system provides... it's also useful in cutting down on the costs and resources associated with in?

"*person training.

Live in thank you anthony.

They want every officer to use this training.



"*d says in t future they'd like this high?

"*tech training equipment to be a regional asset that officers across

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