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Monday, 1 March 2021

Collegedale Troubles

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Collegedale Troubles
Collegedale Troubles

We look at the trouble brewing among leaders in the city of Collegedale.

And the connection to a new park.

A collegedale commissioner called for the termination of collegedale city manager after a lack of communication.

This comes after the director of parks and recreation was fired.

News 12 brian armstrong joins us live from collegedale with an update of what's going on politically in collegedale.

I'm here at what likely will be the future of a new park for collegedale.

I will explain that shortly and how there has been a lack of communication surrounding this land.

Collegedale fired its director of parks and recreation, traci bennett-hobek collegedale commissioner ethan white says he doesn't know the full details of the firing but it is within city manager ted rodgers' power to do so.

The city manager does have the power to terminate people, that's one of his responsibilities.

White says his biggest concern is how she was fired immediately but, a chief of police is still on paid leave while being investigated.

We have one set of standards for one employee and we have another set of standards for another employee and that's not acceptable.

White says he called for the firing on rodgers as well as supported a motion for rodgers resignation.

He says this is due to a lack of communication.

Over the last few years the city manager is going to the point where he's not been communicating with the commission as much as he should have.

One person who ran for commissioner says he's not surprised the city manager wasn't fired.

I would've rather seen a performance improvement plan potentially brought to the table.

Which would be an opportunity for the current collegedale leadership to express their concerns with mr. rogers performance.

White says the most recent lack of communication is surrounding a new park.

My problem is we just found out about it two weeks ago from the city when you find out that a quick claim deed has been given to the city with restrictions on it two years ago and i believe 2019 and just to be able to find out about it in 2021 create some kind of angst.

White says he is not against the park, he says he's against building the park without it being approved of by the commissioner.

He says the contract states even though the park is being donated the city is responsible for all future upkeep.

It increases our maintenance cost and our responsibility to take care of that property without the input of the governing body.

Now i reached out to multiple people from the city of collegedale.

I was told in a statement- the city does not wish to respond or add any comments at this time.

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