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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Dola Dolls for Dementia Patients

Credit: KIMT
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Dola Dolls for Dementia Patients
Dola Dolls for Dementia Patients
Don't forget how to nurture

Drug administration.

The pandemic has kept many of us from visting friends and relatives in care homes.

For those with dementia and alzhiemer's ?

"* it's a stressfl and confusing situation.

Kimt news 3's alex jirgens is hearing about an effort to help those patients cope.

He joins us live in mason city ?

*- alex?xxx katie ?

"* the face to face interaction is something a lot of us are needing and probably missing right now.

It's essential for patients with dementia or alzheimers.

Therapy using a life?

"*like dol is helping those pat kaylee ciavarelli's (siv?

"* uh?

"*relli) grandmother is suffering from dementia.

These theraputic dolls have worked wonders to ease the suffering from the condition and are very popular with the residents.

"one has a realistic doll, and they fight over it.

They all think they can be the best mother, and they've literally gotten into physical fights."

Ciavarelli's mom is a nurse a the same nursing home.

She suggested they buy another doll to settle the quarrel ?

"* and it grew from there.

The dolls are realistic ?

"* with silicone tht make them feel like real human skin.

Because of cost ?

"* she's been collecting money to help purchase the dolls and give them to those who need it most.

The results have proven that spirits are lifted.

"residents that weren't talking before are smiling, singing happy birthday and smiling at their babies.

Less fights, they're not aggravated."

At the i?


"* home ?

"* administrator michael davis is upbeat about what the dolls could mean for residents.

"they don't forget how to be nurturers.

When they have that baby in their arms, you really see that nurturing side come out, and it's awesome to see."

Although dementia and alzheimer's are debilitating conditions ?

"* ciavarelli wants to assure that those that have it are still human.

"they do have purpose still.

They can still love, they still ciavarelli (siv?

"* uh?

"*relli still collecting these dolls to be handed out to facilities in north iowa.

If you would like to help ?

"* we'll have the contact information you need under this story at kimt dot com.

Live in mason city ?

"* alx jirgens ?

"* kimt news 3./// thank you alex.

You can also purchase the dolls yourself.

Ciavarelli (siv?

"* uh?

"*relli advises to look for dolls that feature opening eyes.///

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