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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Police Merit Commission rule against further action for one THPD Sargent

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Police Merit Commission rule against further action for one THPD Sargent
Police Merit Commission rule against further action for one THPD Sargent

The Police Merit Commission decided the disciplinary action taken is enough when it comes to THPD Sgt.

Brad Newman's actions.

3 good evening and thank you for joining us.

The terre haute police merit commission say sargent brad newman will not face any more discpline.

That's after a public meeting earlier today.

News 10's sarah lehman was at that meeting in continuing coverage... she has more on what was decidied and what the public had to say.

Dozens of people spoke out for and against sargent brad newman at the merit commission meeting wednesday.

Many say a post he made on facebook was racist and promotes genocide.

But -- the merit commission says action already taken against him is enough.

Pk} in january sargent newman was suspended briefly.

After a post he made on facebook that said in part... "we ought to nuke china.

This virus wasn't an accident."

Wednesday afternoon -- the terre haute police merit commission held a public meeting to hear from the community about sargent newman.

Na} "as we all know a few bad apples ruin the whole bunch.

So, if you all believe that it is just a few bad apples then it's time to throw this one out."

/// "did anyone really think he wanted this to happen?

He served in the military.

He knows what the repurcusions of nucelear war are."

After public comment -- terre haute police chief shawn keen explained legally -- the commission couldn't do anyting.

Those who support newman say it was a good decision.

"to ask the merit board to go against procedure in a case like this is not right and it could potentially be unlawful.

/// and in saying that you know i think that his post was not a good post!

Others say they are upset...but will continue speaking out "i'm dissapointed right now.

We're going to continue shedding light on these injustices.

Now we may not be able to do much more with brad newman right now -- but we also will be keeping an eye on how brad newman acts in the future."

Sara} the discpline newman received was a 6 day suspension from the department.

Plus -- 6 months of supervision on the force.

They say that supervision is set to last into july.

Again -- this is all action that the terre haute police department decided -- and the merit commission ruled in favor of wednesday night.

Reporting in the newsroom.

I'm sarah lehman news 10

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