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Monday, 1 March 2021

The Illinois State of the State address

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The Illinois State of the State address
The Illinois State of the State address
The Illinois State of the State address

You susie ////////// illinois governor "j-b pritzker" gave his "state of th state address" today "in springfield".

He outlined "the state's budget plans" for fiscal year 20-22.

News 10's "hannah follman"..


"the governor's future plans".

/////// governor j-b pritzker's hopes to help the state through the economic hardship of the pandemic.

That is why he focused on the budget in today's address.

Beginning july first, the governor is proposing a 41.6 billion dollar spending plan.

This is about 4 and-a-half percent less than the 2021 illinois budget.

In his address, pritzker emphasized the budget cuts this year will have the least impact on services.

The new budget includes no tax increases for illinois families.

The governor hopes that these budget decisions will soon be met with an end to the ongoing pandemic.

////// the marathon has been long and there is one more leg left to run.

It requires patience and perseverance and courage to battle the attacks of an invisble enemy... but it is going to end that is something i promsie you."

//////// pritzker said that the upcoming budget is one of the most challenging that the state has ever had to create.

Coming up at six, i will discuss more details on pritzker's future economic pursuits for illinois.

Back to you.... ///////

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