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Monday, 1 March 2021

Ash Wednesday changes

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Ash Wednesday changes
Ash Wednesday changes
Ash Wednesday changes

And is working to keep ash wednesday is the beginning of the lent season for the christian community ?

"* marking the weeks leading up to easter.

Kimt news 3's samantha soto was at pax christi catholic church in rochester's service today ?

"* where this year the celebration doesn't like years past.

She joins us live now.

Samantha ?

"* what's different?

Katie and amy ?

"* i'm at pax christi catholic church and on a traditional ash wednesday ?

*- ashes are typically smudged in the sign of the cross on forehead ?

"* this year, the church took on the more european practice ?


"* sprinkling the ash on the tops of heads so that the priest isn't touching others during the pandemic.

The church re?

"* opened last summer ?

"* still taking masking and distancing seriously ?

"* requiring members to sign up for mass ahead of time to maintain safety.

Though some churches in the area did not have a service ?

*- pax christi decided it was still important to gather to signify the community's support of one another.

Father john sauer says although the ashes aren't visible ?

"* it symbolizes that the real work of lent is "a little reminder to us ?

"* that it's not really about the exterior sign of the ashes ?

"* but what it calls to mind in our hearts, and what it's calling us to in our hearts."

Father john tells me he hopes the change in tradition leads to more interior reflection and positive changes to people's lifestyles.

Live in rochester ?

"* thank you samantha.

Pax christi church will hold another ash


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