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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Testing continues on 'canine carcass'

Credit: WKTV
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Testing continues on 'canine carcass'
Testing continues on 'canine carcass'

The CNY SPCA chief investigator says testing shows the animal a man was found cooking outside in Rome last month was likely a coyote, not a domestic dog.

Someone as coing what appeed to be acaninet grill.

Here's the video that was sent to newschannel two a month ago....from the incident on third street.

Here's what we've learned from the c- n-y s-p-c-a.

The remains were sent to try and find out what kind of animal this was.

Dog or coyote.

Cornell is 98 percent sure it's a coyote.

The c-n-y s-p-c-a wants to be 100 percent sure.....and had dna sent to a lab in california to be tested.

Results of the dna test are expected any day now.

If it's a domestic animal --- it's an ag and markets case.

If it's a wild animal - it's a department of environmental conservation case.

It is coyote hunting season until the end of march.

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