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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Tips to conserve electricity

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Tips to conserve electricity
Tips to conserve electricity
Tips to conserve electricity

With the potential for snow moves in over the next 24- hours -- you may be worried it could trigger another round of planned outages.

And for some that can come with a feeling of helplessness.

But kq2's madeline mcclain found out what utility companies suggest we can do to help prevent more blackouts from happening.

<<as waves of blackouts rolled through the 17-state area.

Utility companies urge customers to conserve energy through wednesday.chuck paisley, senior vice president of public affairs: "we are in the situation that every day that it is like this, adds a little bit more load to the system because the equipment is trying harder and harder and harder to keep up with the extreme conditions."evergy's spokesperson says cold weather always pushes the electrical grid to the max.but customers had set a new record for demand.madeline mcclain: "one-way evergy said we can help conserve electricity, is by turning our thermostats down a little bit.

Between 65 and 68 also recommends unplugging items not in use.turning off non- essential lights.and waiting to use our big appliances like our laundry machines or dishwashers between 10 p.m.

And 5 a.m.chuck paisley, senior vice president of public affairs: all of this is in the name of making sure that we don't get to a situation where we have too much demand to meet the obligation to keep the grid running either here, or in the southwest power pool generally and avoid what we're seeing in places like texas now, where there are close to 5 million customers that have been out for at least a day, and some are going to be multiple day time periods.reporting madeline mcclain kq2 news.

Customers on the missouri side can call 888-544-4852 to report an outage.

And for customers in kansas, you can call 1-800-544-4857.evergy says call centers are full staffed and ready to take your call.


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