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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Snow removal happening around the clock

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Snow removal happening around the clock
Snow removal happening around the clock
Snow removal businesses have been very busy over the past 24 hours.

Now....on top of keeping the roads clear -- businesses and residential areas have to worry about clearing snow from their own areas!

It can be a tedious task for you -- and even for businesses you might hire.

News 10's sarah lehman caught up with one of those companies she's live tonight with more on how they're doing... after all of this snow!

If you've been out playing or shoveling the snow over the last 24 hours..

Then i'm sure you've seen plenty of snow plows!

Of course -- cities and counties across the wabsh valley are helping to clear snow off the roads.

But what about parking lots like this one?

Most of them are cleared by locally owned businesses!

Many -- are mainly landscape and mowing companies during the warm seasons.

But -- they have the capability to clear the snow too.

I caught up with prox lawn care company.

The were out clearing the parking lot of meadows shopping center.

Travis norris is the president for prox.

He says his employees have been working around the clock.

Norris says they plow over 100 commercial and residential properties throughout the area.

He says the snow over the past few days has been somewhat of a welcome sight for them.

Norris says they haven't had a good snow like this in 6 or more years!

"sometimes you get 3 4 inches and that can take a couple days but a snow like this where you get 7 plus inches it just really takes forever and then you start running into problems of where do you put the snow?

As you can see around the parking lots you seee these huge piles we try to keep it as safe as we can visually for people.

" norris says the best thing norris says norris says the best thing you can do is to stay home!

They say if there are less people on the street or in the parking lot they can clear things much better.

But -- they say if you have to be out you can help by parking a little farther away from the front entrance.

That way -- they clear handicapp parking spots and walk way to the door faster and easier.

Reporting live in vigo county i'm sarah lehman news 10.

Back to you.

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