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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Road conditions in Vigo County

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Road conditions in Vigo County
Road conditions in Vigo County
Road conditions in Vigo County

Just moments ago... the vigo county comissioner's office "lifted" the travel warning for the county.

The warning has been in place since 11 last night.

News 10's hannah follman joins us now live with more on current and future road conditions... hannah?

//////// rondrell and patrece.

Road conditions are looking much better now than they were early this morning.

I spoke with vigo county comissioner, chris switzer today.

He discussed with me what road conditions look like when the storm first started and what we need to prepare for in case of future snowfall later this week.

The biggest snow storm vigo county has seen in several years.

With nearly a foot of snow, this is causing many problems for the community.

Especially for dangerous road conditions.

Possible natsnd vigo county commissioner, chris switzer said the area saw nearly 100 slide offs.

He and the other commissioners issued a travel warning late last night to get all drivers off the road.

Since the warning was declared, local residents are listening.

"i mean i am so proud of the community and the way they've heeded to this warning and have stayed home cut to video but the longer you stay off the roads, the quicker we can get the roads clear and the better off we will be for tomorrow."

Even though things are better... switzer says there are important hazards to look out for before the roads are completely safe.

"you still cant see the asphalt or the pavement.

So that compacted snow is still really slick and still about an inch in some places thick.

So stop speeding and accelrating at times" there could be more snow later this week, which comes with more hazardous roads.

Officials are urging residents to stay home whenever possible.

Although the travel warning was canceled just moments ago... there is a watch in place until 6 pm tomorrow.

Reporting in terre haute hannah follman news 10.

Back to you.

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