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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Emergency responders in the cold

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Emergency responders in the cold
Emergency responders in the cold
Keeping warm as they keep us safe

Bone chilling cold doesn't mean a day off for first responders.

Fact is, first responders are often called into action during weather like this.

Kimt news 3's alex jirgens is looking into how paramedics are braving the elements when responding to calls.

He joins us live in mason city?

"* alex?xxx amy ?

"* whether it is burning hot ?

"* or downright freezing*- paramedics are out there doing their job.

Here with the mason city fire department's e?

"* m*s service ?

"* neil maki (mackey) and crews have been responding to a pretty standard number of calls.

With the big chill still present ?

"* maki and his team know the importance of making sure patients' exposure to the elements is kept to an absolute "we use extra blankets if we can, and we try and spend as little time outside as possible.

We get the cot ready before we move the patient, we make sure we get to the house to the ambulance as quick as possible."

When responding to an emergency ?

"* maki says firefighters have an extra pair of gloves ?

"* as well as n extra fire hood ?

"* plus other gear if clothing gets wet.

One valuable piece of gear ?

"* ems coats that are double layered that provide that needed warmth.

Live in mason city?

"* alex thank you alex.

During a response to a fire over the weekend ?

"* maki (mackey) and his crews said the sub zero temperatures impacted their ability to get water on the fire.


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