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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Black History Month Workshop

Credit: KIMT
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Black History Month Workshop
Black History Month Workshop
Keeping the conversation going

Community and technical college is teaming up with winona state university to encourage students and faculity to have conversations about race.

Kimt news 3's maleeha kamal sat in on the live?

"* streamed event and has the details.

Today conversations focused on creating an action plans to the support black social justice movement.

Dr. nancy adegoke (ad?


"* go?

"*key guest speaker and says the death of george floyd and covid revealed systemic racism.

She says in order to dismantle racism we must understsand what it is.

She believes one way to prompt change is through self reflection, commitment and engagement.

The concept is known as allyship defined as being an ally.

Phone graphic "so when we talk about engagement we are looking at again understanding the information, getting the education, and also the action.

When we talk about action its actually thinking about the sort of social justice perspective and how can i make things happen.

There were two workshops that took place today.

In rochester about half a dozen people participated in todays workshop.

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