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Sunday, 28 February 2021

010521 tues 11

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010521 tues 11
010521 tues 11
010521 tues 11

Now at 11...will fayette county students return to the classroom or continue learning virtually?

The school board's decision for the next two and a half weeks.

Plus...these stickers don't look like much...but they have a message lexington leaders don't want people to hear.

And...cats beat vandy.

You have to see the game winning three pointer.

Good evening.

We're glad you're here tonight.

I'm veronica jean seltzer.

And i'm tom kenny.

In our top story at 11... will senator mitch mcconnell, from kentucky, hold on to his title of senate majority leader after tonight's runoff election in georgia?

The polls closed hours ago..

And the votes are being counted.

Both u-s senate seats are up for grabs.

As zohreen shah reports..

If republicans win even one of the seats, they'll keep control of the senate, potentially blocking most of president elect joe biden's agenda.

Package: georgia voters have now cast their ballots in a decision that could flip the balance of power in the senate and possibly determine the trajectory of joe biden's presidency.

Nats: loeffler - 'the future of the country is on the ballot here in ga today.

Nats: warnock - 'y'all sound like you're ready to win an election!

That's right.

It's within reach.'

Many voters very aware how consequential a vote for republican senators kelly loeffler and david perdue or their challengers democrats raphael warnock and john ossoff could be for both their state and the nation marcia: it's a lot.

Yeah, but it's been a lot.

My phone has been vibrating with calls.

'have you voted?

Do you have a voting plan?

Have you told three friends to vote?

Polls show both races as neck in neck - if both democrats win, they'll control 50 seats in the senate as will republicans, with vice president elect kamala harris as the tie -breaker president trump has been trying to do everything in his power to keep that from happening.

During a rally for the republicans in georgia monday, he railed against election officials but also insisted he won the november election in the state trump: by the way, there's no way we lost georgia.

There's no way.

It was a rigged -- that was a rigged election.

The state's election officials - who are all republican, now find themselves in a tricky position sot - "the secretary wants me to make clear that everybody's vote is going to count."

Zohreen shah tag the secretary of state has asked counties to report how many ballots they received today by 1 tomorrow afternoon--so we will have a good update at that point as to how many votes are still outstanding back in kentucky..

It was the first day of the 20-21 legislative session in frankfort.... and republican lawmakers are making it clear limiting the governor's executive powers in a state emergency is a priority this session.

As abc 36's bobbi mcswine tells us...limiting the scope of the governor's powers in an emergency was the first issue brought up in the senate today.

####### bobbi: "the senate and the house both convened today at noon, and... in the senate.... the first two bills brought up involved the governor's emergency powers."

Republican lawmakers have been looking to limit governor andy beshear's emergency powers in wake of the coronavirus pandemic in the state.

They criticize beshear for not asking for their input before issuing dozens of executive orders to stop the spread of the virus.

The first bill filed in the senate today would limit any executive orders from the governor to 30 days...after that time, the general assembly would have to meet in a special session to approve an extension.

It would also ban the governor from issuing a new executive order relating to the same emergency without legislative approval.

Republicans say senate bill two deals with section 13-a of the constitution... which allows the governor to issue executive orders during a state emergency.


Danny carroll: "as a leader, when you go forward and what you're selling a policy or selling a plan you try to gain a consensus with those that are in management level that are decision makers.

The governor made no effort to do that whatsoever.


Morgan garvey: "we should have learned some lessons - that we are all in this together - to be able to see what other people are ensuring and what some people are ensuring on a daily basis."

Bobbi: "lawmakers return to the capitol tomorrow and are expected to begin tackling another priority during this shortened session... passing a one-year budget."

That was bobbi mcswine reporting.


Lawmakers are also focusing on two abortion bills the a-c-l-u protested today.

House bill two would give the attorney general...who's pro- life... power to regulate the state's abortion clinics.

Senate bill nine requires doctors to save babies who survive abortions.

It actually passed last session...but the governor vetoed it.

Other legislatioy tate legal cases out of franklin county.

A new rule also requires lawmakers to wear masks at the capitol.

### there were also protests against governor andy beshear, and his covid 19 restictions in franfort today.

The protests..

Included signs outside the capitol calling for the governor's impeachment.

It comes months after an image of beshear was hanged in effigy for his covid-19 restrictions.

The governor says he's not intimidated by yard signs, and will not lose focus on keeping people safe..

"55:49 alright folks just because we're in day 1 of the general assembly and peopole are putting up silly yard signs isn't goig to change what i'm focused on 55:55 i'm focused on you and your safety during this pandemic.

56:00 both republican and democratic parties, criticized the signage at the state capitol this afternoon.

Students in fayette county aren't going to be returning to the classroom anytime soon.

The school board decided tonight for about the next two weeks...class will remain virtual.

Abc 36's chelsea smith explains how they'll go back to the classroom when they finally can.

L3: abc 36 news white fayette county schools stay virtual lexington l3: abc 36 news white marlene helm fcps acting superintendent l3: abc 36 news white fayette county schools stay virtual lexington when fayette county students start school again'll be on the computer...and it'll stay there even into next week when there was the possibility they could return to class.

The board says it's picking virtual over in-person based on data on the spread of covid-19 in the community.

"we know that this is not the decision that some students and families and community members, teachers... it's not the decision we were hoping for or wanting.

However, the data tells us that this is our best route at this particular time."

The state recommended sti udents don't return to class in-person until at least january 11th.

But remote learning in fayette county will continue through at least until january 22... next tuesday there will be another meeting to discuss whether or not in- person learning can resume starting january 25.

When in-person learning begins... not every student will be allowed to return right away... instead it will be a graduated return... starting with kindergarten through second grade... some parents are okay with the decision saying on our abc 36 facebook page... in part "due to my daughte rs health and the risk that it puts her in, neither of my kids will return to in- person..."

While other parents are pleading with the school system to let their child return... in part "please open back up.

If your are nervous keep your kids home.

My kids with adhd are severely struggling and not learning at all!

As a single mother, i have to choose between working or staying home to supervise."

The school board says it'll keep families updated.

Chelsea smith, abc 36 news.

### the board meeting began with chairwoman stephanie spires announcing she was stepping down from her leadership post...but remaining on the board.

Tyler murphy was chosen as the new board chairman.

He's been on the board since 2018.

He teaches in boyle county.

New board member amy green was named vice-chair.

It was the much- needed win they needed...the cats beating mississippi state on saturday.

On tuesday...their s-e-c home opener against vanderbilt.

Kentucky had a chance to make it 2-0 in conference.

They didn't make it easy for themselves.

Cats trailed by seven at half..

Second half..

They'd claw back in it..

Olivier sarr jabs..


And knocks down the jumper.

He led the way with 24.


It's dontaie allen..

The pump fake..

Side step..

And bang..

Too easy for that man.

He had 14.


Hanging around though..

A big reason why..

Open threes..

Dylan disu ties it up a 70.

Final minute now..

All squared at 74..

Devin askew with the kick to davion mintz..


Kentucky goes up three..

Vandy would get a couple of good looks..

Maxwell evans shot..

Bounces around the rim a few times..

And rolls out.

Kentucky survives..


Afterwards coach cal..

Happy with how his team executed late.

Coming up later in sports..

We'll take you back out to rupp..

And hear from austin miller on how c1 3 the cats are starting to make the easy plays.

Coming up..

The latest on a barricade situation, after a double shooting in eastern kentucky..

And plans for the kentucky national guard... which could help speed up the pace of vaccinations, in the state.

Almanac here's today's almanac for lexington.

Weather reopen weather toss at the desk.

Main weather ad-libbing after weather.

We begin with a developing story..

An ongoing barride c1 3 state.

Almanac here's today's almanac for lexington.

Weather reopen weather toss at the desk.

Main weather ad-libbing after weather.

We continue to follow a developing story in eastern kentucky.

State police say an intense barride situation is over..

After a double shooting in floyd county.

According to k-s-p..

It started this afternoon..

Around 1:45..

In the david community.

Inevestigators say it appears..

23-year-old kenny logan chaffins shot his mother and step-father.

Both taken to highlands arh for non-life threatening injuries.

Investigators say chaffins, had barricaded himself in home for hours.

According to state police..

Chaffins has been arrested..and is now in custody.

Ots image:left shooting investigation police-tape-lights-generic1... a man who confessed to shooting someone..

In bell county.

Says he opened fire, after racial slurs, allegdly were made against him.

According to the sheriff's department..

The reported shooting happned on highway 221 in the kettle island community .

Investigators say the victim was found shot in the arm.

Full mug:charged in shooting claims racial slurs made against him - bell county sheriff's department devont ... according to deputies, the alleged shooter, 23-year-old devonterious grigsby of flatlick..

Turned himself-in at the sheriff's department, not long after the shooting..

Grigsby says he was driving down the road, when he reportdly heard some people making racial slurs against him.

Grigsby says one of the individuals allegedly had a, he got out of his vehicle and reportdly startied firing shots in their direction..

And one of the bullets hit the victim in the arm.

Stilll ahead..

Is the covid 19 vaccine right for you?.

And what are the risk for pregnant women?

We'll have the latest from researchers next.

Today, a lower number of wewead made e ususaaaans e fofor r mbmembererlis .

Wewead made e ususaaaans e an an a a fir fororcece v e ofofoi doingng w whahas t, wewead made e ususaaaans e nonowht whatat e's .

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Soso w whehea n a hahasi th thatat's's h h yow yououo.

Soso w whehea n a hahasi ususaaaa i iurnsuranan ice jujuststhe the w w soso w whehea n a hahasy ususaaaa i iurnsuranan ice jujuststhe the w w rtmartinin's's f filamt ususaaaa i iurnsuranan ice jujuststhe the w w wi withth h hasase-sle-f, ususaaaa i iurnsuranan ice jujuststhe the w w heheot got p pd aid bebefs igneighbhb eor eveven n g.

Ususaaaa i iurnsuranan ice jujuststhe the w w bebecacae use dodog ing r memeermbers,s,ha that't's s w.

Ususaaaa i iurnsuranan ice jujuststhe the w w usus.


Whwhatat y y'ro, ususaaaa i iurnsuranan ice jujuststhe the w w wewee 're mama fde .

Ususaaaa i iurnsuranan ice jujuststhe the w w ??sa usaa a ??

Ususaaaa i iurnsuranan ice jujuststhe the w w c1 3 announced in kentucky.

Accordinig to governor andy beshear..

There were 1,781 new positives reported..

The lowest on a tuesday, in weeks.

The total is now..


The positivity rate is now..

11 point 4 percent.

The governor says there were also 23 new covid-19 releated deatths.

The total number of people who have died from teh virus inthe state is nwo..


Governor beshear ..

Also gave an update on the number of people, who have received the first dose of the vaccine in the state... the total is now... at least 66,582..

Which is 6,168 more... than reported yesterday..

And the most announced in a day.

The governor says the state's latest steps to increase the pace with its phase rollout..

Are working.

8:33 "it appears to be the most doses of vaccine administed in a single day, and it does suggest our call to urgency is making an impact even in just the first day."8:45 l3: coronavirus in kentucky white vaccinations continue at long term care facilities working with walgr ... according to governor beshear..

Vaccinations also continue...with walgreens and c-v-s.

The governor says walgreens gave doses of the vaccine to people... at eleven longterm care facilities today... and could be finished with their allocations of the first dose by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, according to the governor..


Vaccinated people at ten facilites today.

The governors says he hopes to still vaccinate people faster..

And is talking with the drug pharmarcies, about working with the kentucky national guard..

To help speed up vaccinations..

Similar to what's being done in west virginia as more coronavirus vaccines rollout -- you could be deciding on whether to get vaccinated when it becomes available to you.

Especially if you're pregnant, nursing, or have allergies -- mandy gaither has the lastest from medical experts on the vaccine in today's your health.

--reporter pkg-as follows-- two coronavirus vaccines currently have the green light in the u-s -- the first is pfizer/biontech's vaccine -- two shots given 21 days apart -- this one is recommended for anyone 16 years and older.

The second is moderna's vaccine -- again -- two shots -- but this one is given 28 days apart and is recommended for those 18 and over.

Research is still being done to determine whether these vaccines are safe for children and younger teens.

If you're pregnant, you can choose to get the vaccine but -- elizabeth cohen, cnn senior medical correspondent/"you should know that these vaccines were not extensively studied in pregnant women so there's limited safety data to look at for that group.

On the other hand, covid-19 itself poses a risk for pregnant women.

The cdc says that some women who contract covid-19 are at an increased risk of severe illness and might also be at an increased risk for having a pre-term birth."

Both pfizer and moderna created m- r-n-a vaccines -- which aren't thought to be harmful for a nursing child, according to the c- d-c.

For those who are immunocompromised -- you can choose to get the vaccine -- but these vaccines weren't substantially studied for your underlying health condition.

Elizabeth cohen, cnn senior medical correspondent/"so there's not enough data on how safe they are or how effective they are yet.

On the other hand, getting infected with covid-19 can be risky for people with compromised immune systems."

For those with allergic reactions -- elizabeth cohen, cnn senior medical correspondent/"the cdc says you shouldn't get the shot if you're allergic to the components in these vaccines, which you can review on the vaccine product's labels."

For today's health minute, i'm mandy gaither.

A shot finally falls when the c1 3 cats need it.

Thanks to a late davion mintz three...kentucky beats vanderbilt and moves to 2 and oh in s-e-c play.

A-b-c 36's austin miller has more from rupp.

To l-c-a for the holy war...the eagles hosting lexington catholic.

L-c-a tyler hall drives and gets the war...the eagles hosting lexington catholic.

L-c-a tyler hall c1 3 drives and gets the shot to fall.

He had 6 points.

Ryan russell for three.


He finished with 15 points.

Andersen the screen...he hits the jumper.

The 8th grader had 10 points.

Ben johnson with the answer though.

Nails the three.

He had a game-high tying 18.

Knights win big over l-c-a...86 to 53.

Tates creek hosting dunbar.

Sam parrish dribbles out of trouble and will knock down the floater.

Cade hilt drives and gets the tough shot to go.

Bulldogs up 2 under 2 minutes.

Creek wastes no time though...eric hackett takes it the cup and scores...we're tied.

Out of a timeout...hilt drives and throws it up to tim hall and he slams it home.... dunbar up 57 to 55 with 43 seconds to go.

Dunbar holds on to beat creek 61 to 57.

Henry clay hosting bryan station.

Station's jamrious lindsay for three.

Hits it...he finished with 14 points.

Henry clay's darik holman..drives and misses.

Gets his own rebound and scores.

He had 9.

Myles morones drives and dishes to cedric poindexter for the easy two.

Kanye henderson...little fake and drives and finishes.

He had a team-high 19.

Defenders win in a close one over henry clay...64 to 59.

C1 3 scratch-a-4cast here's your kentucky lottery scratch-a-4cast z3z3zvzv zuz z1616fz y3y3uyzvuy y y1616fyfy ?

Ba-da-ba ?


Ba-da-ba ?


Jimmy kimmel live ?

Back at home!

Jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show.

Coming to you from my house, again.

We will be here for at least the next couple of weeks.

Which is not great, but not terrible either.

At least i'm close to the refrigerator.

And here, nobody steals my lunch.

We had a big election today in georgia, we have a possible showdown brewing between donald trump and vice poodle mike pence.

And we will get to all of that, but first i'll tell you what the big story is in my house.


We have a lot of toys.

And some of them i've grown to hate.

Two in particular were gift for our kids from my very well-meaning cousin, micki, who seems to be doing her gift


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