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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - 06/12/20 (Part 1)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - 06/12/20 (Part 1)
Midmorning With Aundrea - 06/12/20 (Part 1)

We get an inside peak at the Pentagon agency responsible for satellite intelligence.

Plus, we take a look at the extra precautions daycare facilities are taking to keep kids safe as they reopen from the pandemic.

And vl satellites are bringing us a new perspective on some of the indelible images of the recent protests.

The u-s government is áalsoá using satellites in the fight against the corona- virus.

We're getting an inside look at the pentagon agency responsible for satellite intelligence.

Senior investigative correspondent catherine herridge reports.

From above, iconic landmarks, before and after coronavirus hit, provide a dramatic slide show.

Watch the crowds vanish& nats-church bells from the vatican's st.

Peter's square& music to tiananmen square& music &and miami beach.

It was like the world without humanity.

In many cases, it was.

But n-g-a deputy director stacey dixon doesn't just look for what's missing - she's searching for what's been added& nats-oktoberfest in germany, the oktoberfest venue became home to a covid testing site.

And last month, a satellite spotted these chinese military planes on a base built on a reef in the south china sea.

Despite the pandemic, countries are still doing things that, that our military, our policymakers need to understand.

As the satellites fly overhead, you can see what the change is on that day.

The highest- ranking woman of color in the u-s intelligence community, dixon says these snapshots shared with the state department, c-d-c and homeland security provide extraordinary detail.

We can get a report, either through a human source or a signal source, and then when a satellite passes over, you can actually confirm whether or not the activity actually took place.

Her agency relies on partners like maxar technologies for unclassified images.

So the imagery itself can be shared very widely and often is.

Steve wood's team tracked the rapid construction of emergency hospitals in wuhan, china, that just last august looked like this.

Largely, an empty parking lot.

But by january, it was completely transformed.

This is like multiple convention centers.

That's how big it is.

That's right.

1,600 beds reportedly, but multiple other support buildings and all done within a space of about two weeks.

The department of homeland security later concluded, "the chines government intentionally concealed the severity of covid- 19 ... in early january while it stockpiled medical supplies."

From an intelligence perspective, this image tells you that the chinese government understood that they had a real cris on their hands?

I believe that's right.

As covid-19 spread to the middle east, iran's government seemed to minimize the pandemic, but from the sky, massive new graves were detected in the city of qom.

How did you take social media and then marry it up with a satellite images?

Nat break from twitter video we had videos that were beginning to surface that showed people that were walking to a cemetery.

That were showing large trenches that were being prepared in case of the growing pandemic.

These white piles of debris provided another clue.

That was most likely lime to help prevent against the spread of infection.

A photo doesn't lie.

It's just the facts.

With global protests unfolding, as the u-s and other nations reopen, there are new covid hot spots.

Now, satellite imagery could help show the way forward.

It really gives us a sense to know if countries are really recovering the way that-- they're portraying themselves to be recovering.

Again, it's that fact-check.

It's that fact- check, exactly.

And satellite imagery can help develop better ways to social distance if there is a second wave of covid, or an entirely new virus.

Catherine herridge, cbs news, the pentagon.

The latest unemployment numbers are out with some encouraging signs, but millions are still without work.

Nancy chen reports from new york.

Ryan gallentine lost his job in tech earlier this year and has been searching for a new for the past two months.

"there've bee multiple potential employers that i've been talking to who i got 3 or 4 interviews into the process, and then they said, you ow, actually we're going to put the brakes on this and not hire this year."

Gallentine is joined by 1 point 5 million americans who filed for unemployment benefits last week.

Layoffs remain historically high but the downward trend in claims continues.

The encouraging news follows last week's surprising report that showed businesses added more than 2 million jobs in may and the unemployment rate dropped.

"the good news i as these weekly claims drift lower and as there's more evidence that employers are bringing new people back on their payrolls, the situation is not nearly as dire as it was 10 weeks ago."

But the federal reserve says it will take time for the u-s economy to recover from the pandemic.

"there are just lot of people that are unemployed and it's seems quite likely there will be a significant group at the end, even after a lot of strong job growth that will still be struggling to find jobs."

The fed predicts unemployment will continue to fall but finish the year above nine percent... much higher than the 3.5 percentage rate we saw before the pandemic started.

Nancy chen, cbs news, new york.

When we come back - returning to day care.

A decision for more childcare facilities continue to reopen across the country.

Michael george looks at the extra precautions they're taking to keep kids safe - and give working parents some much-needed help.

"there you go!

Laura and brian behrmann have been working from their new jersey home and are ready to send their youngest child - 2 ?

Year old madison - back to daycare.

Madison is ready, too: "she definitel misses the routine, the schedule, the activities, and the people - she's a real social kid."

When madison returns to "bell' little learners" next week&she'll be dropped off at the front door, get daily temperature checks, and her parents won't be allowed in the building.

"we trust th owner, we trust the staff, and they have laid out all the precautions."

Owner stacey bell has also opened more classrooms to keep kids in smaller groups, and removed toys that are tough to clean.

"i feel like onc people see there's other children back at the schools, they'll get more comfortable.

I think there's a lot of fear right now of the unknown."

The increased safety measures are a visible reminder these are not normal times.

But childcare professionals point out their top priority is your kids.

"our fear of covi has to be secondary to taking care of the children.

It can't be our first concern."


Kim vukelja owns "imaginatio station" i daytona, beach, florida.

Her facility has been open since early may with similar protocols& sanitizing kids' lunchboxes and individual work trays.

Father matt metz waited to send his two children back.

"we figured, if w wait two weeks, and no one's calling out sick or they're not losing a lot of the teachers, none of the kids are getting sick, then we at least have a pretty good idea that it's safe for our children to go."

Both metz and behrmann say, as parents, communication with their childcare providers has been key.

Michael george, cbs news, mahwah, new jersey.

Parents say that as tough as it's been to work from home with children, they appreciate the extra family time.

Three months ago the coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic and since then con artists have tried to capitalize on fears surrounding covid- 19.

Nichelle medina reports.

Last month members of the urbandale united church of christ in iowa received an email like this one.

It appeared to be from the reverend asking for assistance during the pandemic.

"it's a scam reverend david sickelka says someone started a fake email account in his name.

"it makes me angr when people try to exploit a situation like this."

Other churches have reported similar scams with fake emails asking for money or pre- paid debit cards..

And it's just one of many coronavirus related cons out there.

"as soon as th pandemic hit we started seeing scams related to it."

Katherine hutt with the better business bureau says the most prevelant scam involves masks..

Customers purchase them on websites that turn out to be fake and they never show up.

Federal authorities have seized fraudlent masks from china that don't work along with phoney coronavirus tests and treatments.

And puppy scams are a major probelm.

People in search of a pet send money for a dog they find on a fraudster's site..

"and you never ge the dog."

The federal trade commission has received 67- thousand complaints involving covid related fraud with people losing more than 48 million dollars.

"what you reall need to watch out for is when somebody asks you for money//.

You also need to be really careful about sharing personally identifiable information."

Hutt says always think twice before clicking on unsolicited texts or emails.

And if a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Nichelle medina, cbs news, san diego.

The founder of reddit says he making decisions now so he can make the world better for his two year


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