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LTD assesses budget shortfalls

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LTD assesses budget shortfalls
Ridership has sharply decreased.

The lane transit district has noticed significant dips in ridership since the pandemic, resulting in lost jobs and everyone having to adjust a new reality.

Kezi 9 news reporter kennedy dendy found out more about the impact these changes are having on many.

"the decisions the district has had to make have really been heart- wrenching."

Two weeks ago, the lane transit district announced that action needed to be taken when it came to shortfalls within the budget.

The result...layoffs and furlough days for staff members.

"with people not being able to go to work, and the governor's order, fewer people are riding the bus and fewer people are working."

Initially, it was fourteen who were laid off.

But, as of friday, that number rose to 38 more.

Bridge: i spoke with many ltd riders who tell me they're heartbroken to hear that people who have been working during this pandemic to ensure people get where they need to go -- have lost their jobs.

"hopefully, once this thing comes to an end, they can hire them back."

Steven said he has great appreciation for the staff, as they work throughout the pandemic..

Risking their lives.

"the drivers are the ones we really count on to get us to point a to point b."

Walsh broke down how the funding received by the cares act is dispersed... about 4 million of the 25 million is used to plug current budget gaps.

And around 16 and a half to 17 million dollars will be used over the next fiscal year.

Leaving 5 million to continue filling budget gaps.

Reporting in eugene, kennedy dendy kezi 9 news.

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