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Saturday, 16 January 2021

Garrison's Home builds moving Christmas Tree

Credit: KDRV
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Garrison's Home builds moving Christmas Tree
Garrison's Home builds moving Christmas Tree
Garrison's Home builds moving Christmas Tree

Newswatch 12's ashley tsao joins us live from medford to break down how long it actually takes to design a tree.

The trees inside are decorated with way more than a couple of ornaments.

Designers from garrison's home tell me they start thinking about christmas trees in july.

Garrison's says they make their trees bigger and better each holiday season.

This year, they decided to build an entire storefront with a spinning tree inside.

The people who design the furniture layouts at garrison's also design the tree.

They choose a theme and then they start building.

It's an entire process that starts in the summer and ends in the beginning of december.

Garrison's has been donating trees for 8 years now.

We're blessed to have so many people come to our store and spend money with us here in the rogue valley.

In the community we need to give back to the community.

Garrison's tree was auctioned for more than 25-hundred dollars this year.

All of that money will help patients at providence.

The tree is being donated to a local shelter.

[636]garrison's tree-tag designers at garrison's tell me they've already thought of a theme for next year's tree.

Coming up in fifteen minutes, i'll let you know exactly when you can see that moving tree this weekend.

Live in medford, ashley


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