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Friday, 22 January 2021

Loper Report: 'Knives Out,' 'Marriage Story'

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Loper Report: 'Knives Out,' 'Marriage Story'
Loper Report: 'Knives Out,' 'Marriage Story'

Film critic Wil Loper reviews "Knives Out" and "Marriage Story."

"are you baiting me detective?"

"attempting to be thorough so we can figure out the manner of death."

"you mean if someone killed him.

You think one of us, one of his family, killed him."

"i suspect foul play, i have eliminated no suspects."

That was a clip from "knives out", one of the newest movies to hit theaters is the film worth seeing?

Here to let us know is our film critic wil loper a sharp script, a killer cast, and some truly devious twists and turns make this murder mystery one of the best times at the movies you'll have all year, it's truly a must see.

We begin with a death, a patriarch is found dead, and all his family gets interrogated as detective benoit blanc, played by daniel craig, tries to get to the bottom of what happened.

There's a lot of money at stake, each family member has motive, and they're also despicable, as an example there is a latinx caretaker for the family who they keep saying is from a different south american country the entire movie, they never bother to ask where she's from.

Now despite all your best guesses of where the movie is going, you're going to be wrong.

I know, because i was there and kept thinking, oh i know where this is going, and was proven wrong every single time.

Everyone is having a blast playing these characters, the cast is insane, with jamie lee curtis, toni colette, chris evans, michael shannon, and so many more.

This is what going to the movies is all about, it's absolute fun, the script is so tight, and you'll be wanting to talk about it as soon as it's over.

4.6 entire countinent of south americas out of 5.

Next up: "marriage story" adam driver an scarlett johannson play a married couple who decide to get divorced, and prepare yourselves for a completely emotionally devastating journey.

It starts out amicably enough, but as the movie progresses, lawyers get involved, fights occur, and battles over custody of their son get heated.

It doesn't shy away from any of the messy aspects of divorce, and both characters stay grounded throughout, and the movie allows you to see things from both of their perspectives.

It's intense, it's tough to get through, but it's some top notch movie making from start to finish from writer director noah baumbach.

What's your rating?

4 stress balls out of 5, lemme tell you i needed one during this movie.

Next week?

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