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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Loper Report: 'Ford v Ferrari,' 'The Good Liar'

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Loper Report: 'Ford v Ferrari,' 'The Good Liar'
Loper Report: 'Ford v Ferrari,' 'The Good Liar'

Film critic Wil Loper reviews "Ford v Ferrari" and "The Good Liar."


""you're going to build the car to beat ferrari with a ford."


"and how long did you tell them you needed?

Two, three hundred years?"

"ninety days."

"we're going to make history."

That was a clip from "ford v ferrari", one of the newest movies to hit theaters is the film worth seeing?

Here to let us know is our film critic wil loper yoare absolutely going to want to race to the nearest theater to see this film.

It's thrilling, it's inspiring, and it's just plain good filmmaking from start to finish.

It's 1963 and the ford company is in trouble.

Henry ford the second is looking for ideas to make his company relevant again, and get all the boomers who are now able to drive interested in buying a ford.

One of his underlings says look, we gotta be cool, we need a race car.

S they enlist car designer and engineer carol shelby, played by matt damon, to build them a car to race and hopefully beat ferrari in le mans, a 24 hour race in france.

Shelby brings on racer ken miles, played by christian bale.

The rest of the film we see these two do their thing and do it well, while butting heads with all the suits at ford.

The race scenes are incredibly tense, wear gloves or you'll bite your nails til nothing's left.

The acting is of course fantastic, and the story of how these two men pulled off such an incredible feat is nothing short of a miracle.

This is coming from someone who has next to no knowledge of cars, and also absolutely zero interest in seeing cars racing around in circles, this film is one of the best of the year and is a must see.

4.8 real life carrol shelby and ken miles out of 5 next up: "the good liar" ian mckellan stars as roy, a career con man who meets a millionaire widow on a date, and decides to take her for every last shilling.

The widow is played by helen mirren, and the best part of this movie is seeing these two veteran actors just doing what they do best, and while it's a joy to see them play off each other, the script builds and builds until it sputters in the third act, and ultimately the whole thing feels like a student project rather feels like a student project rather than the masterstroke it should have been and that these two deserved.

What's your these two deserved.

What's your rating?

2.8 script doctors out rating?

2.8 script doctors out of 5.

Next week?

Hope you're ready to get another song stuck in your


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