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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Hometown Tours- Nicholasville 2

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Hometown Tours- Nicholasville 2
Hometown Tours- Nicholasville 2
Horses, wine, golf and more! Jessamine County has something for everyone!

Hometown tours and we are downtown, and i'm here with mitchell pearson.

He's the executive director for visit jessamine tourism.

Welcome back to the show.

Mitchell: thank you.

Thank you all for coming back to jessamine.

Speaker 1: well, we love coming here.

There's so much to do here, too.

Let's talk about all the different things people can see when they come here.

Mitchell: absolutely.

You know, no trip to horse country is complete without visiting one of the horse farms, and here in jessamine, right south of lexington, you can go to taylor made horse farm, one of the top producing sales in the world.

They host california chrome, the kentucky derby winner of 2014 in preakness.

January through june, you'll see the mares and foals.

We also have outdoor adventure.

The jessamine creek gorge is a wonderful 150 acre nature preserve that you can hike and enjoy the nature and it's, you know, get a little exercise in there, as well.

Speaker 1: we all need it.

We all need it, right?

Mitchell: for sure.

We also have the vineyards here, with chrisman mill, 1922 house, first vineyard, the sight of the first commercialized vineyard in the united states.

And then of course we are home to the pga's barbasol championship in the summer month of july, which is hosted at the champions at keene trace.

And then there are other golf courses, because even though it's getting into the winter season, there's still going to be beautiful days and those golf courses will be open.

Speaker 1: oh, absolutely.

And where can people find out more information?

Mitchell: they can find more information on

Speaker 1: okay, awesome.

Will mitchell, thanks for being with us again.

I appreciate it.

Mitchell: thank you.

Speaker 1: we're going to send it back to the studio.


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