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We are here with Coach shank from st.joe Christian the head football coach coach congratulations on making the transition from 8-man football to 11-man football you guys have taken out some other kids from Northland Christian talk about how that's been going this year in and what it's been like for you guys to be able to kind of start a new season of importance of people but you know the products thing I am of our kids is that they they came in here and they knew the situation they knew that this is the first time playing football and there's been no quit and those kids who played hard for an entire season and I'm excited to see how good and we're going to be at the end of season we had two more games and then where we were in the same wins and losses is there something bigger than than just the ones losses in this season what what's something that you guys are trying to obtain moving forward with the season gets done here so one thing that we is the winning is really a byproduct of everything else you do and so we hope that our kids know you know moving forward that it's bigger than just the wins and losses it's about you know who you are as a man what kind of character you have and how hard you fight and so you think wins and losses in life is going to be you know the biggest thing you ever have to accomplish your tackle is false and so they're going to get into life and sometimes life kicks you in the teeth and hopefully what they learn on the football field is coming fight and so for my family for my friends for my job whatever it is and so that's kind of things were going to teach our kids we're going to transition from football little bit to what I like to call my last patient just random questions off the top and whatever comes your mind just say that ok ok Pepsi or Coke Pepsi vanilla or chocolate cake who's going to win the Superbowl this year she's going with the chief that will do it for this edition of Coaches Corner

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