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WCBI News at Ten - Saturday, September 21st, 2019

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WCBI News at Ten - Saturday, September 21st, 2019
WCBI News at Ten - Saturday, September 21st, 2019

Good evening and thank you for joining us.

I'm rylie livingston.

It was an emotional weekend in west point, as dozens came out for a vigil, in honor of shaharah coggins... th 38 year old, was shot and killed on thrusday, at a shannon convenience store.

Saturday... tears were shed.... and hearts were heavy..

As the community tried to come to grips, with the tragedy.... those close to coggins, describe her as a loving mother, family member and friend.

" shara was a good spirit.

When you saw her, she was the same all day everyday.

You got the same shara all day everyday.

She spread a love, she gave a love, she not only showed it and said it, but she was a good person.

She was good person, she was a giving person,she was a loving person.

" funeral arrangements are not yet complete at this time.

Good evening and thank you for joining us.

I'm rylie livingston.

An early morning fire in oktibbeha county leaves one man in the hospital.

The fire happened on hickory grove road around 2 this morning oktibbeha county fire coordinator kirk rosenhan says one man was severely burned.

He was taken to och regional medical center for 2nd and 3rd degree burns.

The east oktibbeha fire and rescue ,bell schoolhouse and district 5 fire departments worked together to get the fire under control.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

It's the road project oktibbeha county supervisor bricklee miller has been waiting for.

Starting monday a portion of poor house road will officially be closed for construction.

I took a trip out there to see why the project needed to happen.

Some people call it the roller coaster..

Over the years the pavement on poor house road has gotten worse, and contractors say it comes down to the soil..

"right now the roadway underneath has expansive soils in it from our testing that we've done.

And this is a soil that when it's wet, it expands.

And when it dries, it contracts and a flexible payment material on top, of course, on delights, and we have the issues that we have now."

The 374 thousand dollar project will completely replace a little over half a mile of road.

"we're going to do it in 12 segments, so that we don't really impact traffic that badly.

And we're going to go in and dig down about three feet, put in better material with geo grid underneath, and come back.

And then of course, pave it."

And to help make sure their work lasts, contractors are using some different techniques.

"normally road repairs you get at the final product you would get two layers of chip seal so we're going to get three layers of chip seals its more reinforcement that will make the roadway much more smoothly."

Bricklee miller says the road needs to be repaired not just for safety but for growth.

"the south side of starkville is growing the fastest, we're seeing a lot of economic development, a lot of new neighborhoods going up.

And it also is the route that a lot of gameday traffic uses.

So it's a side of town that needs to be developed needs a little attention.

I'm so glad that the county's moving forward to take on these projects."

Miller hopes this project will be just a first step..

"which takes us to the next step to the project which is redoing the entire road.

The base repairs have to be done regardless.

And so it's a good first step."

Miller says the goal is for the project should take about three weeks and with the road reopening before the mississippi state lsu game.

Human trafficking just doesn't just happen in big cities like ney york or los angeles.

It happens right here in northeast mississippi.

And today concerned citizens gathered at the national headquarters of eight days of hope to formulate a plan to help victims in our area.

Lee county sheriff jim johnson was one of the speakers, and he said there have been several sting operations here to catch men who wanted to harm young girls.

Eight days of hope president and ceo steve tybor says there is a huge need to provide safe havens for these victims. "there's only six hundred beds in america and think about this there's 13-thousand animal shelters, ain't nothing wrong with that, but there's only six hundred beds for someone who's been rescued from sex trafficking.

Our hope the goal today is to get the word out that the need is huge and how we the church need to respond and that's part of our announcement."

Tybor says eight days of hope plans to help construct a brand 20-bed facility in the area next spring as part of their new partnership with grace and mercy ministries.

There's a burn ban in effect for the city of starkville, but the ban does not extend to oktibbeha county..

Still county firefighters want residents to be careful when burning.

East oktibbeha fire services coordinator kirk rosenhan encourages people to check the grounds around the burn piles,stay alert and always have water on hand.

" we got some areas that haven't been cleaned up in a while and it can be a real problem.

We always wants people to be careful with outside burning and don't do it on a windy day and not near a building, and always have that fire attended."

Rosenhan says those who burn plastic, rubber, or trash in the county can be charged with public nuisance.

First look fall officially begins on monday, but temperatures are going to feel more like summer this for fourteen years it has been a tradition in tupelo.

The annual communities forward festival was established by tupelo councilwoman nettie davis as way to build a better relationship between the community and police.

The festival at gum tree park provides a relaxed way for the people to get acquainted with officers.

Davis says it has been a very successful formula over the years.

"you see the policemen and the people from the community talking to each other even today you'll see them communicating and really a lot of people think of police as not being human but they are.

Somebody has got to do a job.

And we're blessed to have policeman who are out here protecting us."

Davis says there has been so much talk around the country about the police and communities joining hands and that is already being done in tupelo.

Earlier this year, we brought you the story of 1- year-old from west point who was diagnosed with ?milo-dis- plastic?

Syndrome, or mds--- a rare blood cancer.

Now, mason is two years old and will most likely have to undergo a bone marrow transplant.

However, the road to finding a match... isn't an easy one.

Our cash matlock has more on how the mississippi state football team is stepping in help mason find a donor.

When saturday's big game rolls around... most people are looking for a win.

However, alicia cherry and her two-year-old son, mason, are looking for a match.

"he was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome back in october of 2018.

Since he's been on the registry, he's had a blood transfusion and he's been stable, so if there is an immediate reason for the transplant, we want to already have the match."

The "be the match" organization is helping mason to find a donor.

Even though they have about 19 million people in their registry, finding a match is still a challenge.

"mason only has a 23 percent chance of finding a match, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

He's a very vibrant little two year old, so we're keeping our fingers crossed."

Mason is the son of marcus murphy, a mississippi state football player.

During the first time out of the game, the team advocated for "be the match" by giving mason some time on the field.

"mason is one of a thousand people every year that needs a life-saving bone marrow transplant.

It's hitting home because everyone know mississippi state football, everyone knows all of the players, and this is very personal."

"marcus is part of the family, and mason is part of our family too.

What do you do when a family member is hurt or injured or needs help?

You help them out."

At the end of the day, friends and family members of mason hope to find a match... but they also hope to help everyone else who may be in a similar situation.

"advocate for the registry.

Join the registry.

People like mason, they don't have a choice when it comes to being sick, but you do, and that choice is to help.

So, it could really help change someone's life."

"you know, if could be you.

You could be the life-saving donor for somebody who's battling a life-threatening blood cancer."

In starkville, cash matlock, wcbi news for more information on "be the match," visit our website at wcbi dot com.

Help wanted... if you're looking to pursue a job in law enforcement..

We've got just the story for you.

Stay with us.

The columbus police department has about 65 officers patrolling the city, but they need more.

Wcbi's deandria turner spent the day with one officer to give you a look inside of their day to day job and how community members can ... columbus police officer allen ellis has been patrolling and protecting the city for the last 3 years.

"it's an opportunity to give back to the kids and try to lead them in the right direction."

During his day shift/ he patrols the east side and responds to calls coming over the radio for things like accidents or maybe even an activated house alarm.

He says being a law enforcement officer takes passion "it got to be in your heart to do it" and cpd is looking for new dedicated, selfless public servants who want to join the ranks.

"we need officers who good help, we need people with good minds, operate with the community," stand up: community members who are interested in becoming a police officer like officer ellis here, you can go to their career day on oct 5 " my favorite part of the day would be just people coming out and actually interested in becoming an officer and want to know what we do that's, i think that's the fun part about it."

The day includes touring the facility, a shuttle trip to the fire range, equipment presentations, and more " the more officers we have the more better we are."

The career day will start at 9 a.m.

At the columbus police department anchor: today is national dance and healthy living day and one dance company in starkville celebrated the day with a twist.

Kmg creations danced the day away at unity park with the purpose to unite the community through dance.

Umbrellas splattered with encourages words on them filled the plaza along with a special guest charles lala evans who is known for his umbrella grove national dance day was recently moved to september.

We've been celebrating it for 10 years.

Kmg creations is the only i mean only dance company in mississippi to actually service national dance day.

We're nationally registered and with a little twist i wanted to add mr charles lala evans to it.

He's a very special friend and he means so much to this community and he's been apart of the ellen degeneres show and just lots of fun and a family guy kmg creations is the only dance company in ms who services national dance day maddie tosses to break fall officially begins on monday, but temperatures are going to feel more like summer this week.

A weak cold front will bring some increased shower and storm chances, but highs will still be in the 90s.

Saturday night: a calm and crisp night with lows in the lower 60s.

Skies will remain mostly clear.

Sunday: another great day with plenty of sun and highs near 90.

Lower humidity will make for some comfortable air.

Winds will be out of the south at 5 to 10 mph.

Sunday night: mostly clear and calm with lows in the mid 60s.

Monday-tuesday: a weak cold front will come through our area, bringing along a chance for some isolated showers and maybe a storm to start the week.

We'll call it a 30% chance for now as not everyone will see rain.

Still, not a bad ole miss with its first ranked match up of the season...highligh ts from the game when we come back one single yard short.

That is how close ole miss came to potentially tying the game up in the fourth quarter against 23rd ranked california.

After starting quarterback matt corral left the game in the fourth due to a rib injury, true freshman qb john rhys plumlee came in for the rebels going 7-7 for 82 yards in two drives the last chance efforts from the freshman would not be enough... last time ole miss and cal met was in 2017...the first time the golden bears have ever been to vaught- hemingway stadiun 1st quarter, cal qb chase garbers finds wr trevon clark for a six yard touchdown... cal 7-0 still in the 1st..ole miss back on offense qb matt corral on the keeper picks up 21 yards for a first down same drive, corral keeps it again, this time he finds the endzone tie ballgame at 7 all cal driving now, garbers is sacked by de tariqious tisdale for an 8 yd loss clock winding down in the 1st corral finds rb jerrion ealy for a 9 yd pickup and a first down rebels kicker luke logan kicks a 29 yd fg....ole miss takes the lead 10-7 2nd quarter...cal leading 14-10 now 5:30 to go in the 2nd...garbers is picked off by db deantre prince, and returned to the golden bears 35...1st down...price's first career interception logan comes in to kick again, the 33 yd fg is good ole miss trails 14-13 same score going into the break...coming out of half cal puts up two more touchdowns to lead 28-13 3rd quarter garbers is sacked by myles hartsfield for a 9 yd loss 4th quarter...matt corral out of the game...john rhys plumlee in...scrambles out and finds wide receiver demarcus gregory in the red zone the next play that will haunt the rebels...plumlee to elijah moore, just a yard short...the clock winds down cal gets the win 28-20 head coach matt luke saying he was happy with plumlee's performance but dissapointed in the outcome of the game msu looking to bounce back from last week's loss in the bulldogs sec opener....highlig hts when we come back sec opener for mississippi state...bulldogs taking on kentucky... first game, first play for willie gay....interceptio n...house call....50 yard pick six for the starkville- native....gets to rock the turnover chain kentucky would tack on a field goal....bulldogs answer back...kylin hill on the handoff...leaps over a pile of defenders for the touchdown...14-3 msu bulldogs trying to open it up...freshman garrett shrader....avoidin g the sack...takes off....15 yard pickup for the qb.... in the red zone....feed number eight....hill on the handoff....making people miss....stopped just short of the goal line... bulldogs reward him....hill punches it in for his second touchdown of the first half...bulldogs leading 21-3 second half...msu up 21-10 sawyer smith finds lynn bowden for 30 yards the story for kentucky...chanc e poore 1 for 3 on the day... 21-13 msu leads....closing time for the bulldogs garret shrader 50 yard run into wildcat terriorty drive capped off with kylin hill...taking it to the endzone msu gets the win 28-13 head coach joe moorhead saying after the game what made the difference compared to last week "we've got to concentrate on what's five feet in front of our face.

Talked to them about it on sunday, not letting the same game beat you twice.

Coming out with a purpose, not listening to anything out there.

Ignoring the noise, know what's important and what's not.

I think they did a really good job of focusing up, 1-0 this week.

I know it's cliche as hell, i mean, i know it's in the cliche kind of dictionary, but we have to do that because thats what kind of team we are."

"older guys, they took over.

They preached it.

One game doesn't define you.

I've been here three years, i learned from a lot of guys.

Any team can take a loss, it's football.

Number one team in the country, they can fall off any day but the biggest things between the best teams and the average teams is they know how to bounce back, and that's what we did."

"defense did a great job of just keeping them out of the endzone.

That's one thing we have to work on, not taking our foot off the pedal.

Keep scoring, and my turnover in the beginning of the second half didn't help, but keep putting up points on the board, and finishing the game."

We're going to take a quick break but when we come back maddie will have a thank you for joining us tonight we'll see

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