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august 22 2019

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august 22 2019
august 22 2019
August 22 2019 full show

Attorneys and his parents will all be in court today... coming up - what we can expect to learn in a case that has several unanswered questions.

Plus... we're less than one week away from runoff elections in the magnolia state.... this morning on wtva nine news today we will recap last nights gop debate... thanks for joining us, i'm daranesha herron..... and i'm morgan burger.

Today is thursday, august 22nd... thursday: a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. a group of high profile attorneys, their client, a murder suspect and his parents are all expected to be in a lafayette county courtroom today for a much anticipated bond hearing... wtva's kayla thompson is live from outside the courthouse this morning with what we can expect... all eyes will be on oxford this morning as trial begins for a former ole miss student... brandon theesfeld will be walking into a lafayette county courthouse today... trial is set to begin at 9 this morning... new information just into our newsroom.... the entire city of starkville - including mississippi state university -- is under a boil water notice... the city says this is due to a major pipe repair on locksley way... they will keep the alert in affect until water samples are tested... the process should be complete by saturday... but until then, again - the entire city of starkville needs to boil their water for at least one minute before use... meanwhile... locksley way -- between blackjack road and south montgomery street -- is closed..

The city asks you avoid this area if possible... stay with wtva 9 news today for any updates... the stores are stocked and the customers are waiting to legally buy beer inside houston city limits... this picture shows a convenience store in houston that will soon be just one place residents can purchase beer... according to the mississippi department of revenue, okolona is the only wet city in the otherwise dry county.... but today - houston joins the list... where we're told beer sales begin... lightning is being blamed for this house fire in union county.... union county ema director kurt clayton said just before 5 pm , multiple fire departments were called to this home on highway 30 east just past county road 1-52 in the keownville (cown-ville) area.... two teens were at the home at the time of the lightning strike.... thankfully, no one was injured.... clayton said the home is likely a total loss.... in attala county.

One person is dead and another injured after a shooting near the upper elementary school in kosciusko.

Breezy news dot com reports that the shooting happened around 2 this afternoon at the corner of highway 43 north and 4th avenue.

The online publication posted the elementary school was placed on lockdown for a little while after the shooting.

New developments out of monroe county.

The state auditor's office confirmed they were investigating now former sheriff cecil cantrell.

According to the state office, an investigation was conducted and the affidavit was sent to the county prosecutor.... the affidavit claims that cantrell knowingly and unlawfully authorized the use of inmate labor within the correctional system to construct his personal political campaign signs.... cantrell abruptly resigned as sheriff on tuesday.... however, his time as sheriff was to conclude at the end of the year because of his defeat in the aug.

6 democratic primary.... meanwhile.... monroe county republican andy hood has dropped out of the race for sheriff.

Hood was to face democrat kevin crook in the november general election.

With hood's decision, crook will become sheriff.

This morning in alcorn county, a fifteen year old is facing charges after police caught him with a gun at school... corinth police are investigating the student who was found with the concealed weapon... the corinth school district said administrators received a report wednesday morning that a student had a weapon.... school officials detained the student and contacted police.... a search of the student revealed the student turned up the concealed weapon.... the police chief - ralph dance - confirmed the 15 year old student has been charged with possession of a firearm on a school campus.... the student's case will be handled through youth court.... meanwhile, tupelo high school returns to normal this morning after a brief lockdown wednesday morning following a threat at the high school... police, school security and high school administrators determined all students and buildings were safe and lifted the lockdown after a couple of hours..

This new threat comes days after another threat was made against tupelo middle school and the high school.tupelo police arrested two juveniles in connection to last week's threats.

This morning nearly 120 registered sex offenders live in lowndes county.... over the past couple of weeks , lowndes county along with the u-s marshal's office have been working to verify addresses from the mississippi sex offender registry..

Of that number..

Six were found not living where they were listed.... four of those have been arrested.... there are outstanding warrants for the other two.... failing to register is a felony offense..

Which could mean as much as another year in prison... and hefty fines.

... in monroe county..

A water valley man is behind bars for being involved in a case involving fraudulent home repairs... this is 39 year old steven baker..

He was arrested and booked into the monroe county detention center.

He's officially charged with one count of home repair fraud.

Also in monroe county, a three-vehicle crash on the tennessee tombigbee waterway bridge near amory sent two people to the hospital and tied up traffic.... this is a new picture from the scene... this happened on highway 6 around 6 p-m.... emergency responders said the crash happened on the side of the highway leading into amory.... there's no initial word as to how seriously anyone was hurt.... a man accused of killing two managers at a mississippi walmart, is fighting extradition... what the city's spokeswoman has to say... plus... a public meeting over a building at this starkville apartment complex... why the mayor says it needs to come down... and meteorologist joel young will have a look at your complete severe weather authority forecast... next... good morning!

It appears traffic is moving relatively smoothly across most area roadways this morning.

Watch for areas of construction in spots new this morning, georgia police continue to look for the person who shot and wounded four people in atlanta tuesday night... they say a man fire during a block party near the campus of clark atlanta university ... the gunshots began after an argument broke out... that's when the gunman opened fire in a crowd of 200 people..

Three people were hit and one other person was grazed... police say the victims were all taken to the hospital in stable condition.

A man accused of killing two people at a mississippi walmart, is fighting extradition to the county where it happened... southaven city spokeswoman tish dunning says that 39-year-old martez abram, doesn't want to be sent from shelby county tennessee, to desoto county, mississippi... abram has been hospitalized since the july 30th shooting where he killed two store managers at the walmart he was working at... a hearing is set for august 30th... one mississippi man is sentenced to 25 years without parole, after he plead guilty to robbery... thomas ball jr. plead guilty on monday, after police say he robbed a woman who won 5-thousand dollars at a casino in vicksburg... police say ball and another man followed a woman from the casino, to her car and trailed her to an a-t-m, where they robbed her at gun point... confusing messages from the president concerning gun control and immigration --- where he currently stands on the issues .... movie pass says the company's database was exposed... what this exposure included... thursday: a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. partly sunny, with a high near 90.

Calm wind becoming southwest around 5 mph in the morning.

Two breaking news stories this morning on the world stage this first is in iran ,,, where today that country's president unveiled a new long range surface to air missile system ... he claims the system can recognize up to 100 targets simultaneously and confront them with six different weapons... during the reveal,, iran's president took a strong tone on dealing with the u-s saying "talks are useless" and went on to say quote "if our enemies do not accept logic, we cannot respond with logic" the other story out of china,,, where the country's commerce ministry is appealing to washington to quote "meet each other half way" ... he warned that new tariff's in a fight over trade and technology would only result in escalation and retaliation ..

The trump administration has already postponed some of the hikes until december,,, but there are still some that will go into effect on september first ... leaving migrant families in detention indefinitely is the trump administration's new plan... but is it legal?

Currently the law only allows families to be held for 20 days ... now,, homeland security wants to keep them until their cases come before a judge -- on average,, 60 days... the trump administration claims when released,,, two thirds of migrant families don t show up for court... the justice department puts no-shows at a lower 44 percent... longer detention times are supposed to start in two months,,, but court challenges are expected to delay the change... what currently appears to be changing is the president's message on gun control.... now he's saying there will be background checks,,, that he quote "has an appetite for them" ... this a day after sources close to the president say he told the head of the n-r-a the checks were off the table ... trump now saying there are loopholes in the check system that need to be closed... and shifting focus back on mental health ... get a gun ."

"people that are insane, people that are sick up here -- i don't want them to be able to get a gun."

The issue of new gun control legislation will likely re-emerge when congress returns from its recess in september... new dramatic video from brazil shows a massive fire in the amazon rainforest... brazil's space research center says since last thursday - satellite images spotted almost ten thousand new forest fires mostly in the amazon basin.... the country is working to contain the wildfires this morning... thursday: a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. partly sunny, with a high near 90.

The mississippi g-o-p runoff is less than a week away.... on the ticket --- lieutenant governor tate reeves and former mississippi supreme court chief justice bill waller... the two squared off last night in a debate ,,, talking about what separates them from each-other ... wtva's evan hensley breaks down what they discussed... pkg the winner of next week's primary will take on democratic nominee attorney general jim hood in november..... and as you head to the polls there are a few things to remember... polls will open tuesday at seven in the morning and stay open until seven that night... if you voted democrat in the election two weeks ago you can only vote democrat in the upcoming runoff... the same for the republican ballot... in the statewide races... like governor and attorney general.... there are only republican runoffs to choose from... there are no runoffs for state races on the democratic ballot.

And if you are a registered voter who did not vote in the august 6th primary.... you can vote in either the democrat or the republican ballot.

It will get easier in november when there is only one ballot that lists all parties.

A huge financial burden being lifted for tens of thousands of veterans across the country ... a look at america's newest debt forgiveness program... plus... a local police department wants women to have the tools to stay safe... how you can learn to defend yourself... next... at here are the top stories we're following... today in oxford... accused killer brandon theesfeld will be walking into a courtroom... he's accused of murdering ole miss student ally kostial... a live report on what will happen in court today -- ahead... in attala county... one person is dead and another injured after a shooting near the upper elementary school in kosciusko.... breezy news dot com reports it happened yesterday afternoon... the elementary school was placed on a brief lockdown... we are working to learn the names of those involved... in monroe county... the state auditor's office confirms they investigated former sheriff cecil cantrell... the office claims cantrell authorized the use of inmate labor to make his campaign signs... cantrell resigned as sheriff on tuesday.... thanks for joining us, i'm daranesha herron..... and i'm morgan burger.

Today is thursday, august 22nd... thursday: a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. partly sunny, with a high near 90.

Breaking news bond has been revoked for former ole miss police dispatcher nikki thweat...she is acused of disappearing with a girl across state lines.

We will have more information on wtva 9 news at noon there's been so many unanswered questions in this case the last few weeks - and now that her accused murderer is expected in court - we expect have some questions answered today... this is video of ally kostial on the square like any other student in oxford...but this is also the last time she was seen in public... her body was found hours after this clip...near sardis lake... about thirty miles from campus... a lafayette county deputy found her and said she had been shot multiple times but an official autopsy has not come back yet... days later...brandon theesfeld was arrested at a memphis gas station in connection to kostial's murder and he will face a judge for a bond hearing this morning... brandon's behalf."

We anticipate all 4 parents and step parents being present on thursday to testify on brandon's behalf farese confirms the two knew each other and we will learn a lot more on thursday when testimony is revealed.

You can watch the bond hearing live on w-t-v-a dot com... stay with us for updates on this developing story... also in lafayette county... one police department feels it's important that women know how to protect themselves.... oxford officers are offering a free workshop to teach potentially life-saving skills.... this is for ages 15 or older... some of the topics include --how to avoid dangerous situations, what to do if you become a victim, and different defense moves... police will hold the free course at the department next thursday night at 6... drivers in tupelo, don't forget... an ongoing road closure could affect how you get around the city... crews have begun road work on north veteran's boulevard... they're doing some milling work on a section of the road from reese street to the city limits.... there will be traffic control until project is complete... so be sure to drive with caution around this area.... work will begin soon on road and bridge repairs in grenada.... city leaders will use six million dollars from a bond for repairs on streets like halls road and spain drive -- they will also make improvements to drainage, water and sewer systems.... starkville city leaders say an apartment building is in bad shape and needs to come down.

Mayor lynn spruill says one of the buildings on the brooksville gardens property caught fire years ago -- and is currently boarded up... the owners have done nothing to repair it... spurill says the building has been used for criminal activities as well.... a public hearing to discuss the issue will take place at the next starkville city board meeting on september the third... the corinth - alcorn county animal shelter now has a new home..... both county supervisors and city leaders will let the shelter move into the old alcorn county community work center.... the mississippi department of corrections closed the facility back in 2015 and gave it back to the county.... a private donation will help with the renovations.... the building is about 8- thousand square feet.... right now -- there's no timeline on when the shelter will move to the new location... a-a-r-p and the public service commission are hosting a broadband tech night workshop in tupelo tonight... a new law allows electric power associations to offer internet to rural areas... and some in our area have already hopped on board... the workshop will show how broadband can help improve the quality of life for people of all ages... it's tonight at 6 at the university of mississippi's tupelo campus auditorium... we continue our city spotlight series -- focusing on amory... from helping each other to helping their neighbors -- several people volunteer their time to feed the community.... wtva's daniella oropezza has the story... but it's a good place ."

Saylors / caller at amory food pantry) that was wtva's daniella oropezza reporting... the amory food pantry is open on tuesday mornings from 8 to 11.... two north mississippi counties continue to lead the area with the lowest unemployment figures... we'll tell you which ones... starkville is bringing a new retail to the area... what this construction could mean for the city... good morning!

It appears traffic is moving relatively smoothly across most area roadways this some security researchers say the information was available as far back as may.... its now been taken offline... supervisors want the state auditor's office to look into the school's spending.... this follows a report that the school's operating fund dropped more than 10-million dollars since 2010.... according to the commercial dispatch -- a representative from the state auditor's office says once an official request is received -- hey can begin looking at the books.

Dawn winfield- hunt says she plans to wear her bargain bought three hundred and 65 dollar dress for a whole three hundred and 65 days to get her money worth... documenting the dress' journey on a facebook page... winfield- hunt does everything from cooking, cleaning, food shopping, paddle boarding and even attending a concert in her wedding best.

The bride says she will retire the dress next year with an event for charity.

Adlib thursday: a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. partly sunny, with a high near 90.

Calm wind becoming southwest around 5 mph in the morning.

The president's latest executive order means a big break for breaking news- this is accused murderer brandon breaking news- this is accused murderer brandon theesfeld walking into the lafayette county courthouse just minutes ago... theesfeld is going before a judge for a bond hearing that's expected to begin at nine... theesfeld is accused of murdering slain ole miss student ally kostial in late july... prosecutors are expected to request he's held without bond... his team of high profile defense attorneys say they will ask for reasonable bond..

His family is expected to give character testimonies on his behalf this morning... we will be live streaming the hearing on our website wtva dot com beginning at nine.

The president's latest executive order means a big break for thousands of wounded warriors... it says the department of education must forgive every penny of federal student loan debt for veterans who are permanently disabled... the president signing the memorandum, surrounded by thousands of veterans, at the amvets national convention in louisville, kentucky... the stroke of his pen wiping out an average of thirty thousand dollars in debt owed by more than twenty five thousand eligible vets... that's hundreds of millions of dollars in student debt held by our severely wounded warriors.

It's gone forever.

Additionally,,, those receiving the incentive won't face federal income tax on the forgiven debt... and he's pressuring states to suspend their taxes on the loans... two north mississippi counties continue to lead the area with the lowest unemployment figures... both union and pontotoc counties have unemployment rates below 5-percent.... kemper ,,, clay,, and noxubee have the highest unemployment in this area --- but all three counties have shown improvement over the past few months..

With the recent hot temperatures,,, a 2009 report suggesting people set their thermostats at 82 degrees in the summer has gone viral ... now,,, the department of energy is responding ... they say the original report simply included a suggested setting to achieve greater energy efficiency and cost savings --- it's their position that americans should set their thermostats wherever they wanted... the old report should simply be used as a guideline for savings if they choose to do so ... thursday: a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. partly sunny, with a high near 90.

Calm wind becoming southwest around 5 mph in the morning.

New rainfall amounts of less than a tenth of an inch, except higher amounts possible in thunderstorms.thursday night: a 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. mostly cloudy, with a low around 73.


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