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Facebook Rebrands Cryptocurrency Wallet [Video]

Facebook Rebrands Cryptocurrency Wallet

Facebook announced today that it would be completely rebranding the wallet for its long-anticipated cryptocurrency—perhaps in an attempt to shake off its troubled reputation. “Today, we’re..

Credit: Wochit     Duration: 00:33Published

Suspects Wanted In Bitcoin Machine Theft [Video]

Suspects Wanted In Bitcoin Machine Theft

It happened Tuesday, May 19, around 11 a.m.

Credit: CBS 3 Philly     Duration: 00:21Published
Villain movie clip - Botched Robbery [Video]

Villain movie clip - Botched Robbery

Villain movie clip - Botched Robbery - Plot synopsis: After being released from prison, ex-con Eddie Franks (Craig Fairbrass) wants nothing more than to start a new life. However, his dreams of..

Credit: Teaser Trailer     Duration: 01:10Published
Wisconsin DHS works to release list of nursing homes with COVID-19 investigations [Video]

Wisconsin DHS works to release list of nursing homes with COVID-19 investigations

State Health officials are still working to assemble a list of specific long-term care facilities that they are actively investigating for COVID-19 outbreaks.

Credit: TODAY’S TMJ4     Duration: 01:58Published
What you need to know about Bitcoin halving [Video]

What you need to know about Bitcoin halving

The halvening is almost upon us.

Credit: Mashable     Duration: 01:23Published
Villain Movie (2020) - Craig Fairbrass [Video]

Villain Movie (2020) - Craig Fairbrass

Villain Movie trailer HD (2020) - Plot synopsis: After being released from prison, ex-con Eddie Franks (Craig Fairbrass) wants nothing more than to start a new life. However, his dreams of normalcy are..

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Review: Cointelegraph-Inspired Climate Change Art Exhibition

review: cointelegraph-inspired climate change art exhibition
Cointelegraph reviews a digital art show inspired by a series of articles examining the space where cryptocurrency and climate change collide.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Oldest building in the world with a Bitcoin machine is in Devon

oldest building in the world with a bitcoin machine is in devon
Women in their 60s are queueing up to buy crypto currency from the dispenser in an old world pub
Exeter Express and Echo - Published Also reported by •North Devon JournalTiverton Mid Devon GazetteTorquay Herald Express

Is Bitcoin Price Finally Ready for Breakout Above $10,000?

is bitcoin price finally ready for breakout above $10,000?
Bitcoin price is looking to retake the key psychological level at $10,000, which may now propel BTC to multi-year highs.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Stablecoins Are the Bridge From Central Banks to Consumer Payments

Stablecoins can mediate between central bank digital currencies and the consumer payments universe, says Sila's Alex Lipton.
Coindesk - Published

Sichuan Rainy Season to Give Bitcoin Hash Rate a Much Needed Jolt

sichuan rainy season to give bitcoin hash rate a much needed jolt
The wet season in Sichuan normally leads to a spike in Bitcoin’s hash rate. Will the same happen this year?
The Cointelegraph - Published

Where Has All The Money Gone? Looking Into Crypto Projects Who Pay Token Holders

where has all the money gone? looking into crypto projects who pay token holders
As the number of cryptocurrency projects continues to grow, it’s becoming harder for teams to rise above the rest and incentivize investors and users to flock to their platform.  There are several..
The Merkle - Published

Bitcoin Google Interest Mimics $10K Price Run as ‘Halving Hype’ Fades

bitcoin google interest mimics $10k price run as ‘halving hype’ fades
Search patterns head lower, indicating that the halving is no longer driving interest in Bitcoin as price action centers on $9,500.
The Cointelegraph - Published

The Crypto Enthusiast’s Dream: Top Countries That Tick All the Boxes

the crypto enthusiast’s dream: top countries that tick all the boxes
Alongside the internet, cryptocurrencies have made the world a global village. Here is a list of countries that are ideal for crypto enthusiasts to live in.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Satoshi Invented GPU Mining to Defend the Network Says Early Dev

satoshi invented gpu mining to defend the network says early dev
According to an early Bitcoin dev, Satoshi prepared several versions of GPU mining code to defend Bitcoin against a 51% attack.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Are Developing Nations Really Warming up to Crypto Assets?

There have always been questions as to who is buying cryptocurrencies and for which specific purpose. In undeveloped countries, the adoption of crypto assets is progressing rather quickly, according to..
The Merkle - Published

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Slides, Stocks Tread Water on Trump China Comments

Stocks across Asia and Europe took a dip Friday and so did bitcoin in anticipation of Trump’s comments on “deeply troubling situations” in Hong Kong.
Coindesk - Published

Not Your Tulip Trust? Message Calling Craig Wright ‘Fraud’ May Unlock the Case

not your tulip trust? message calling craig wright ‘fraud’ may unlock the case
Legal experts say a message in Bitcoin addresses linked to the Tulip Trust could be used against Craig Wright in his case with Kleiman estate.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Apple-Google Contact Tracing App Gets First Trial in Switzerland

Switzerland has launched a pilot program for SwissCovid, a contact tracing app based on Apple and Google's jointly developed APIs. The APIs will work with iOS 13.5 and devices running Android 6.0 or..
MacNewsWorld - Published

Price Analysis 5/29: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, BNB, EOS, XTZ, ADA

price analysis 5/29: btc, eth, xrp, bch, bsv, ltc, bnb, eos, xtz, ada
Many altcoins are showing significant strength as they approach their 200-day moving averages, this suggests that the sentiment in the sector remains bullish.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Coinbase Investor and Fundstrat Analyst Explain Why Goldman Sachs Is Incorrectly Assessing Bitcoin

coinbase investor and fundstrat analyst explain why goldman sachs is incorrectly assessing bitcoin
Here’s why Goldman’s approach to Bitcoin is ‘stale’ and ‘hasn’t evolved much.’
The Cointelegraph - Published

Cardano and Ethereum Price Surge Alongside Bitcoin — Will XLM Follow?

cardano and ethereum price surge alongside bitcoin — will xlm follow?
The recent surge in Bitcoin price led to rallies in Ethereum, Cardano, Theta Token and Band Protocol, can the upswing continue?
The Cointelegraph - Published

Bitcoin News Roundup for May 29, 2020

With bitcoin and many traditional markets down on the day, CoinDesk's Markets Daily is back!
Coindesk - Published

The Worst Crisis in a Century Is Setting the Stage for Bitcoin

the worst crisis in a century is setting the stage for bitcoin
The world’s existing economies are suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has revealed the main benefits of decentralized tech and crypto.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Discovery Science to Premier Crypto-Funded TV Series About… Dragonchain?

A new TV series tracking the story of Disney-linked blockchain firm Dragonchain was fully funded in cryptocurrency. It's scheduled to go live July 4 on Discovery Science.
Coindesk - Published

‘Passwordless Login’ Startup Magic Raises $4M From Naval Ravikant, Placeholder

Ethereum startup Magic just raised $4 million from investors like Naval Ravikant, SV Angel, Placeholder and Volt Capital to make passwords less of a pain.
Coindesk - Published

Cryptocurrency Documentary to Air on Discovery Science Channel

cryptocurrency documentary to air on discovery science channel
“Open Source Money,” a documentary series on a crypto firm fully financed with cryptocurrency will air on cable television in the United States.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Digital Dollar Project Releases White Paper Laying Out Groundwork for US CBDC

digital dollar project releases white paper laying out groundwork for us cbdc
A U.S. think tank working towards a digitized dollar has released a white paper detailing inaugural aims and use cases for a central bank digital currency.
The Cointelegraph - Published

First Mover: Bitcoin Rally Shows Traders Don’t Care That Goldman Hates Their Asset Class

Traders can also gloat over how much better bitcoin is performing in 2020 than Goldman Sachs shares.
Coindesk - Published

Bitcoin Price Analysis for May 29th – BTC Going to Grow

bitcoin price analysis for may 29th – btc going to grow
By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, author at RoboForex Blog On Friday, May 29th, the BTC has grown steeply and is aiming upwards. It is generally trading at 9632.50 USD. On D1, the picture has hardly changed..
The Merkle - Published

Bitcoin Rally Falters as Stocks Drop Ahead of Trump’s China Speech

Bitcoin's bulls are taking a breather as the traditional markets get the jitters over rising tensions between the U.S. and China.
Coindesk - Published

Ethereum Significantly Less Private Than Bitcoin, New Research Shows

ethereum significantly less private than bitcoin, new research shows
Ethereum transactions are even easier to de-anonymize than Bitcoin due to its specifics, but a lot of it comes down to careful usage of mixing tools.
The Cointelegraph - Published

False Alarm? Bitcoin Upsurge to $9,600 Is a Weak Futures Driven Rally

false alarm? bitcoin upsurge to $9,600 is a weak futures driven rally
The price of Bitcoin rejected $9,600 as data shows the futures market led the BTC rally from $8,700 to $9,600.
The Cointelegraph - Published