Sign up: Automotive leaders to debate EV future of aftersales

Sign up: Automotive leaders to debate EV future of aftersales



How will electric era change the world of aftersales? Some of the biggest names in the industry to take a look

So much of the talk around electric cars has been on the initial purchase, and what needs to be done to help people make the decision.

Once that decision has been made and that new electric car has been delivered to the customer, what happens next? Enter the world of aftersales, which we will be looking at the future of within the electric era.

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How will the manufacturer’s or dealer’s relationship change with owners compared to an internal combustion engined car? What new opportunities does it open up for all parties? How will manufacturers manage their relationship with customers? Do EVs make aftersales more or less profitable? What does it mean for servicing, repairs and insurance? How do car makers convince a buyer to stay with them for their next EV?

We’ve brought together some of the biggest names in the industry for a special Leaders' Summit to answer the questions around aftersales opportunities for profitability, what it means for servicing, repairs, and more during this live, free-to-join webinar, sponsored by Keyloop. 

Host Matt Prior, editor-at-large at Autocar, will be joined by Lisa Brankin, managing director of Ford of Britain and Ireland, Mark Busby, director of commercial operations at Hendy’s group, and Tom Kilroy, CEO of the automotive experience platform, Keyloop.

Brought to you as the final part of the Power List 100 series, Leaders’ Summit: Future of Aftersales takes place at 11am on 24 April. You can sign up here.

Audience members will also be able to submit questions during the event, which will be answered live by our audience.

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